Best Rust Trading Sites

The evolution of the video game scene has led to the increase of games that allow all players to customize their characters, making the games more enjoyable. Rust entered the video game scene as a multiplayer survival game available on Windows or macOS and consoles like Xbox. Players enjoy Rust and can use different sites to sell, trade, or buy skins, ranging from the most common to the rarest skins. 

Although Rust is not a free game, players can design skins for sale or trade, earning them money as they play. Character skins will not alter the strength of the player, but the rare the skin, the cooler the character, and everyone adores a cool character.

If you are a new or old player who wishes to expand your trading sites for Rust skins, you have come to the right place. Currently, there is a wide variety of sites available for any Rust skin trade, which accommodates the needs of all Rust players. However, you must log into the sites through your Steam account, which keeps records of your games and skins inventory and prevents scams or hacking. Thus, online safety is vital when accessing and using trading sites to protect yourself from cyber-attacks.

Examples of the Best Rust Trading Sites

Some of the best trading sites that will offer you the best value for your money include the following:

  1. Tradeit.GG

Tradeit.GG is one of the best online trading sites for trading your Rust skins, famous due to its well-designed UI design. The site is best for beginners due to its fluid navigation and 24/7 support, ranked as the best by Trustpilot with over 13,000 reviews. The site boasts over 25,000 skins worth over $5 million, making it one of the highest-ranking valuable sites. 

Tradeit.GG has an extensive Trader base of about 3 million players who trade their skins on the site, offering gamers several options for trade. One of the best perks of the Tradeit.GG site is the high level of security since gamers use two-step verification on Steam Guard. Therefore, all users will be protected from hackers who usually target Steam wallets from gamers. New users will receive a sign-up incentive, a cashback, or a discount on certain skins, giving an excellent deal to beginners.

  1. RustyTrade

RustyTrade, as its name suggests, focuses solely on trading Rust skins, making it an excellent platform for those only dealing with Rust skins. Thus, the site offers an ideal platform for beginners new to trading, buying, and selling their skins. RustyTrade offers high-speed trading, clocking trades in less than five minutes from start to finish after cashing out. The site also provides bot trading features, ensuring minimal trading errors and increasing traders' online security.

  1. iTradeGG

iTradeGG is another leading trading site that has rapidly gained popularity despite its launch in 2018, mainly because of its daily incentives and large skin inventory. Traders will receive a daily cash reward once they join the iTradeGG Steam Group, which becomes a considerable amount accumulated if they trade daily. The site has a high Trustpilot rating, meaning its customer support works to solve all issues traders may face. iTradeGG is fast, responsive, and easy to navigate, making it a favorite for frequent traders and those new to trading.

  1. CS.Trade

CS.Trade has a great web design with high refresh rates, offering traders a great trading experience. Traders can easily access the specific skin they wish to buy or sell from the site through its smooth navigation and accessibility. 

With various language options, traders worldwide can access the site without a language barrier. CS.Trade has very competitive rates with commission fees as low as 5%, making it favorable as compared to other leading sites.

  1. LootFarm

LootFarm has an extensive skin inventory, which makes it well-known within the Trader base. The skins available are reasonably priced compared to competing trading sites, which is favorable, especially for new traders or those on a budget. 

LootFarm offers its traders a 1 in 10 chance to receive a 1% cashback on sales or a 1 in 100 chance to receive a 5% cashback for purchases made. Such incentives attract new traders, which boosts the site's popularity, making it a top trading site.

How to Protect Yourself Online while Using Trading Sites

When trading on all trading sites, online safety is a huge deal to protect yourself and your data, Steam account, and financial information. Traders can take a few steps to protect themselves against hackers and scammers online, even as they trade. Some of the measures include the following:

  • Always use verified trading sites like those mentioned above since legit sites have better security protocols.

  • Always verify the site you are using to avoid clones of the original sites, a tactic many hackers use to gain access to personal information.

  • Using bot trading instead of peer-to-peer trading tools will maximize the trader’s security since there is no human interaction.

  • Avoid clicking and downloading through links from unknown sources that may be used for phishing, a tool some scammers use to obtain your details.

  • Avoid using your data on questionable sites, such as your credit card information.


Online video games have opened up more opportunities through skin trading sites for gamers to enjoy playing their favorite games, such as Rust. Rust is a multiplayer game, like popular games such as Elden Ring, allowing players to customize their characters through skins. 

Through trading sites, gamers can trade, sell, or buy their favorite skins, which they use to customize their game characters. Some of the top leading trading sites like Tradeit.GG and DMarket offer the best competitive prices within the market. However, players must protect their personal information while trading skins online. 

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Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023