Best Ways to Make WoW TBC Classic Gold

As previously stated, the Burning Crusade pre-patch will be released on 18th May and the full opening of the Dark Portal is scheduled for 1st of June, 2021. Players will be able to choose whether to remain in the WoW Classic Era or continue their adventure in the WoW Classic: Burning Crusade.

Without any doubt, most of the player base is eager for the Burning Crusade by this point and will be traversing to the TBC era.

Farming Gold in Outland

Farming gold in the Burning Crusade, is a bit different than in Classic. This also depends on the class you play. Estimates vary, but around 20K gold are needed until the “real” high-end raiding and PvPing can commence in TBC. Both flying mounts will take around 6000 Gold, in addition to training abilities and spells. The last 20 skill points of crafting professions are known to literary eat gold away. If your main class is not a “farm” class in Outland, switch to an alt or different account.

Areas for farming gold. What to farm.

  1. Kirin’Var village (Netherstorm) for primal manas.
  2. Skald (Blade’s Edge Mountains) for primal fires.
  3. Throne of Elements (Nagrand) for primal fires.
  4. The Hand of Gul’Dan (Shadowmoon Valley) for primal fires.
  5. Sketties (Terrokar Forest) for primal waters.

Playing the Auction House

By utilizing the common method, buying low, selling high. Instead of wasting time on doing dailies, it is easier to browse through the Auction House and look for items with little less than average price so you can easily sell them. Be smart about undercutting. Don’t use Auctioneer, a mod will never see the price fluctuations as a real person can.

Check for items like Primals, Shards, Void Crystals, Gems and familiarize yourself with them. Also some common rares. It is ideal to make about 15 - 20 gold on each resell/auction flipping having in mind the Auction House cuts.

Utilizing Professions to make gold in Outland

Certain professions will be doing a lot of better than the others, but in the Burning Crusade, Jewelcrafting is the gold mine and perhaps the easiest. You are all set once you have skilled up Jewelcrafting up to 350, so you can cover all cuts except the epic ones. Glowing Nightseye and Royal Nightseye will always perform best.

Other ways to earn or make gold in Outland

Most obviously, you should keep an eye for items like: Netherweave Cloth, Marks of Sargeras and even Light Feathers as you can easily make gold through them by simply posting them on the Auction House - you can surely use Auctioneer for such common items.

Be creative. Or simply buy WoW TBC Classic gold from websites like Gold4Vanilla. The number of people who still buys gold is really high. Reports indicate that only the bott or mass-selling accounts (not buyers) are affected by suspensions.

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Last Updated: May 08, 2021