Level 1 - Extended Lightning

This quest gives Alarak 20% increased range and allows his E to apply a 40% slow to enemies for 2 seconds if they are hit in the middle. Your goal is to finish the quest in about 4-5 minutes. Use your W to push enemies into a line to hit three with one E.


Level 4 - Negatively Charged

This increases the center damage of your E by 50% as well as giving you an infinitely stacking quest, giving you another 5% center damage per enemy hero hit in the center. This can stack up very high by the late game, giving you high poke and burst.


Level 7 - Applied Force

This increases the range of his W by 20% and makes it push targets 20% further at the cost of 10% Sadism. This increases Alarak's range significantly, allowing you to pull enemies from very far away.


Level 10 - Counter-Strike

This allows Alarak to channel for one second, becoming protected and unstoppable. If he took damage during the channel, he then deals high damage in a triangle in front of him. Use this to negate enemy burst or CC. It is most of a survivability tool than a damage one.


Level 13 - Rite of Rak'Shir

This allows Alarak to mark enemy heroes, giving him Sadism when he lands his Q on them or when they die. It lasts 300 seconds or until the marked hero dies. Keep marking enemy heroes that look close to death or just mark enemy tanks to farm Sadism off of them.


Level 16 - Lightning Barrage

This allows Alaraks E to be cast again on a different target when he hits an enemy hero with the center. This can effectively double your poke and give very high burst if you can hit the same enemy hero with the center.


Level 20 - Hasty Bargain

This allows Alarak to reset his basic ability cooldowns at the cost of 4% Sadism. This will give you insane burst or an escape. Just be wary when using it as you do lose some damage each time. Cast it without getting value enough and you can find yourself dealing very little damage.


Alternative - Deadly Charge

This can be strong  if you need more dive to get on top of the enemy team.



  • Alarak is a threat enemies have to keep in mind while his abilities are up. Avoid wasting your abilities on tanks unless it can secure a kill or force them out of the fight. Enemies have free reign to push up without the threat of Alarak while his abilities are on cooldown. Sometimes the threat of the combo is better than the combo itself.
  • Sometimes the way to kill an enemy hero is to disable their support. If an enemy hero is in a long CC chain and is going to die unless they get cleansed, Silencing the enemy support can deny the cleanse and secure the kill without actually attacking the CC’d hero. Don’t pass up an instant kill if your combo would kill the target for this however.
  • Alarak’s auto attacks hit very hard. Try to use them as often as possible as long as it does not put you in kill range.


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Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018

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