This page will always show the latest Heroes of the Storm Tier List for ranked competitive play, and is designed to rank Heroes in terms of their strength in the current meta. Although some Heroes are considered niche or balanced, those that aren't Tier S or A shouldn't be considered poor. While any match can be won with any Hero, this list is designed to present you with the strongest.

Updated: 1 July 2019

Tier List Descriptors 


Tier S+ - Greatly Overpowered. These Heroes are undeniably too strong and can be placed in any composition and succeed.

Tier S - Overpowered. Heroes which are often first pick, first ban material and are considered top tier. 

Tier A+ - Slightly Overpowered. Just above the point balance, these Heroes should see only minor changes.

Tier A - Balanced. These Heroes should see few if any changes.  

Tier B - Slightly Underpowered. These Heroes are map specific or require a highly skilled individual to to get the most out of them. 

Not Viable

Tier C - Underpowered. Considered weak, team compositions generally need to be built around a Heroes in this pool. Rarely, if ever, seen in competitive play. 

Tier D Greatly Underpowered. These Heroes are a liability and should be avoided. 

Tier List Movement ⬆⬇

⬆ Moved Chen to A Tier. Much improved after his rework, increasing his win-rates by almost 5%. 

S+ Tier

No Heroes are currently considered S+ Tier.

S Tier

A+ Tier

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

D Tier

"No Heroes are currently considered D Tier."

Hero Descriptions and Quick Search Table


S+ Tier

No Heroes are currently considered S+ Tier.

S Tier

AnaShe's incredibly vulnerable to dive, and Genji and Tracer cause her real problems, but if she's drafted late or makes effective bans she can do very well. High ranged healing, combined with Nano Boost, is never a bad thing in the right composition.

Anduin: Amazing sustained healing, an invaluable Heroic, solid crowd control, a brilliant Trait, and a strong selection of Talents. 

DiabloWith 100 Soul Stones, Diablo is a menance. Effectively gaining two lives, a well timed Shadow Charge and Overpower can cause massive issues for any high value target. With his pick-potency gaining even greater strength at 16 once he gains Domination, there's few who can survive his grip - especially when he drops an Apocalypse right in the middle of a team fight.

Fenix: An incredibly versatile kit that allows for high sustain damage, survivability, poke and wave clear. There's little he can't do, and Warp alone allows him to get out of most bad situtations. his Heroic, Purification Salvo, also ensures if he's late to any team fight, he can easily clean up. 

GenjiUnrivalled mobility combined with a frustrating level of poke ensures that Genji is a nuisance to deal with. Even hard-drafting against him isn't a gaurentee of neutering his potential. His arrival into any team-fight that has already started often ensures he can sweep through, gaining easy kills.

Hanzo: Similarly to Greymane, Hanzo is a flexible Hero that really doesn't have any downsides. His ranged poke is exceptional, his ability to clear camps very strong, and the hard crowd control that Dragon's Arrow offers can turn team fights. Add this to the vision his Sonic Arrow provides, and there's little wonder he's first pick material in competitive.

ImperiusA massive stun, loads of sustain, high basic attack damage and an amazing Heroic, Imperius goes straight in at the top. He might lack mobility, but he more than makes up for it in the bruiser role.

Maiev: Incredible at shutting down mobile Heroes, she's one of the few reliable answers to Genji and Tracer's mobility creep. Drafted alongside Heroes with AOE potency, her Warden's Cage can clean up every team fight.

Orphea: Insane burst, amazing sustain 1 on 1, and fairly mobile in the right hands. Vulnerable to CC and dive, she can still wipe a team instantly if she has the right setup and timing. With a strong frontline around her, she's terrifying.

RaynorOne of the safest Heroes to draft, room for error with Raynor is very small. His damage is ridiculous after his rework, his Raider incredibly annoying, and his knockback/heal provides him with plenty of survivability as long as he doesn't overextend. 

Tyrande: Tyrande sort of fell between the cracks after the stealth and Support reworks. Fortunately, her new kit and Talent tweaks have her back on top as an exceptional solo support. Good damage, solid CC, plenty of vision and an invaluable Heroic. 

YrelWhile she's weak to masses of crowd control, Yrel is a 1-on-1 monster. Unstoppable on Battlegrounds such as Dragonshire or Braxis Holdout, she can hold a point against any Hero without breaking a sweat (even Sonya and Malthael). If you can't grab her, ban her.

A+ Tier

AbathurWith the Specialist role rendered largely obsolete as a result of the Tower and laning changes, most Specialists who now thrive offer something truly unique. In this case, Abathur's global soak is still exceptional and on Battlegrounds such as Cursed Hollow he can not only push lanes, but grant his team a significant experience advantage over their opponents. In the right hands, with effective use of Symbiote, Abathur is an excellent draft.

Anub'arakStill one of the few Warriors who can reliably dive a back-line with little worry of getting out alive, Anub'arak has good survivability, valuable crowd control and his Cocoon can turn any team-fight from a 5 v 5, to a 4 v 5 very quickly. While he's better as an off-tank, he remains a powerful pick versus most compositions.

ArthasExceptional self-sustain through Death Coil and Army of the Dead, his root and slow in Howling Blast and Frozen Tempest provide gaurenteed spikes against opponents.

AzmodanWith his Trait's value severely diminished due to Tower and lane changes, Azmodan isn't as strong as he once was. Even so, he can still push a lane easily on Objective heavy Battlegrounds, while a stacked Globe of Annihilation with Black Pool can still eat a massive chunk of any Heroes health.

BlazeWith incredible wave clear and self-sustain, Blaze has been regularly picked in competitive play. His damage isn't ever going to set the world on fire, but in a sustain meta he can often outlast the opposition, while hitting key targets with heavy doses of crowd control. A well timbed Combustion, or a cleverely placed Bunker, can either wipe the opposition, or save his team. He's a flexible, fun, powerful Hero.

DehakaDehaka is still very much in the meta, and brilliant in the right hands. A solid solo-laner, he can fast-travel thanks to Burrow, and soak multiple lanes before he needs to arrive into a team fight. Isolation and Adaptation also provide much needed control and/or survivability, making him the go-to second "tank" on objective based Battlegrounds.

E.T.C: Purely for his double disruption in Powerslide and Face Melt, E.T.C can bully high value targets. A well placed Mosh Pit also ensures he and his team can turn any team-fight in their favor.

Garrosh: Undoubtedly one of the most frustrating Heroes to deal with before his kit was reworked, Garrosh is challenging to deal with. Although you can keep him at bay to avoid his throw, his ability to stun and lumber towards you will still see you, and many of your team thrown backwards. Combined with his armor, minor amounts of sustain and his taunt, he's a solid off-tank.

GreymaneWith an incredibly flexible kit, Greymane is as much a safe pick as he is a reliable, powerful one. Whether it's poking from range with his ranged basic attack in human form, or applying a dose of AOE through his Gilnean Cocktail, he can adapt to most situtations. His burst potential when he dives using Worgen form - including Go For The Throat - also ensures he can snowball against teams that are low health.

Guldan: Gul'dan is a high damage ranged Assassin that has excellent self-sustain and fantastic wave clear. He lacks the burst of Kael'thas, or the snowball potential of Li-Ming, but he makes up for this with steady, continuous output. Horrify can still turn team-fights, and Health Stone/Demonic Circle can get him out of tricky situtations.

JainaWith fairly unforgiving cooldowns, Jaina relies on dealing massive burst damage almost immediately. She can kite well, clear waves easily and a well placed Ring of Frost can be devastating. She often has to get a little too close for comfort to deal her full rotation, but with effective positioning and peels she can do well.

JohannaStill a strong pick versus basic attack heavy compositions, Johanna fits most compositions comfortably. She can't quite shut down the likes of Genji and Tracer as well as E.T.C or Arthas, but she can still survive both with little difficulty. Landing Blessed Shield at the right time, followed by Condemn can cause most opposition significant problems.

KerriganA one-trick pony that offers a massive burst wombo-combo, Kerrigan has amazing sustain right now with a significant amount of mobility and utility.

Li-Ming: Li-Ming is very much a feast or famine Hero. If her team are winning, they'll often snowball massively as a result of her Trait reset. If they can't activate it enough, her value is severely diminished. Despite that, she can be frighteningly powerful in the right hands and often decimate teams that lack sustain.

LucioWith many fights now revolving heavily around sustain, Lucio is unrivalled. With no mana requirements on his ability to heal, he can comfortably keep his team alive for vast periods of time. Even against burst compositions, he still does incredibly well as effective use of Sound Barrier - alongside his newly gifted Unstoppable Heroic - can mitigate a significant amount of threat and damage.

Malfurion: Malfurion isn't in the top tiers of Heroes of the Storm just because of his root, but also because of his team-wide sustain, and the fact he's the only Support that can heal allies - affected by Regrowth - who he doesn't have vision on. As long as he manages his active heals, regular Moonfire can keep the likes of Tracer or Genji topped up.

Mal'ganisHis AOE stun combined with his sustain is incredible. Carrion Swarm also allows him to dive deep and pressure a backline, while Night Rush ensures he can chase - or escape - with relative ease.

MalthaelBack on top after his rework, Malthael is exceptional when it comes to solo laning. His cleave clear ensures he can take camps easily, while he's an absolute monster on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Although he has clear counters, and lacks the damage he once had, his AOE potency is still very high and few healers can deal with him, if he applies his Trait to multiple targets.

Medivh: Much better after his rework, Medivh - as far as I'm concerned - will always remain niche. His Portal is strong, his damage only high on Quest completion, and his utility flexible. He can be annoying when in the hands of a skilled player, but most often it's far better to take a second Support, or another high damage Hero.

Mephisto: Amazing at diving a backline, if he's left unchecked Mephisto can often pressure very quickly. Able to avoid CC with ease, he's a healer's worst nightmare. 

Sgt. HammerWhile weak against dive, Sgt. Hammer has enough tools to keep herself alive and with a strong team around her - combined with the likes of Whitemane or Deckard - she can pressure most teams easily, while controlling locations with relative ease.

SonyaSimilarly to Muradin, Sonya is a safe pick. While her value has diminished after clearing camps became a damn sight easier for every single Hero, she remains an excellent off-tank. Ancient Spear still has plenty of value, while her wave clear is strong. If the enemy team are silly enough to group up, or fail to interrupt her Whirlwind, she can have incredibly high survivability.

StukovDespite being vulnerable to repeat harrassment from Tracer and Genji, Stukov is an solid Support. His Healing Pathogen, combined with his AOE silence of Lurking Arm can be difficult to deal with. If he also picks up Flailing Swipe, he can comfortably protect his entire team while buying time to escape. His slow - caused by detonating Weighted Pustule - remains frustrating to handle.

ThrallCrash Lightning combined with Thunderstorm has seen Thrall climb back to popularity. Not only is his ranged poke incredibly strong, but his ability to heal himself, burst when needed, and control a team fight with Earthquake ensures he's an brilliant choice right now.

TracerHer movement speed, and reset (Recall), combined with the early threat of a well placed Pulse Bomb ensures she can hard-carry most teams. In particularly large Battlegrounds where she can roam, she's an even greater threat.

TychusWith an incredibly short range, Tychus is still the go-to Hero when it comes to fighting double tank compositions. When he picks up The Bigger They Are at level 4, he can rip through opponents who are full health the moment he triggers his Trait. Combine this with Comandeer Odin and he can often swing team fights due to his AOE pressure.

Whitemane: Fantastic sustain, low mana costs, a powerful slow and amazing Heroic. Weak to dive, but good positioning can overcome it. She also has plenty of burst healing should she dump her heal repeatedly.

A Tier

Alarak: Alarak can do incredibly well, but similar to some other Heroes, he's often feast or famine. Unless he's able to acquire high stacks of Sadism and maintain them, he can often lack his true potency. Despite that, he remains an incredibly strong solo-laner and one of the few that can compete against Malthael.

AlexstraszaDespite her lacking burst healing in human form, Alexstrasza is largely about the potency of her Trait. Make no mistake, it can turn any team fight almost immediately, while granting her the ability to deliver rapid and high healing to her team. Combine this with the bombardment of her Heroic, Cleansing Flame, and she can often carry her team in every single enemy encounter. Even if her Trait is on cooldown, repeatedly landing Flame Buffet can soften most Heroes up. 

ArtanisAn all-in Warrior that either triumphs in a team fight, or dies trying, Artanis works well as an off-tank. He requires lots of practice to reliably land his Phase Prism combo, but if you can perfect it and reliably pick out key targets, he can be very difficult to deal with.

AurielPairing almost exclusively with Gul'dan or Valla, Auriel is limited only by the potency of her supplier. If her partner doesn't supply her with the resources she needs, she and her team will undoubtedly struggle. That said, if she gains the Energy she needs, she can heal in abundance. Her knockback, and Crystal Aegis also have high value against dive and/or high burst compositions.

Brightwing: Brightwing's global travel remains strong on large Battlegrounds or those which require protacted fights. Even her sustain healing through her Trait is good. The only reason why she's pushed down the Tier List is because she lacks the ability to deal with burst damage across multiple allies, especially compared to Lucio. Her best quality however is a well-timed Emerald Wind/Polymorph, which can easily shut down Greymane or Genji.

CassiaShe might be somewhat niche, but her damage potential is eye-wateringly high. Her Trait shuts down Tracer and Hanzo's poke, while her Heroic - Lightning Ball - provides massive AOE pressure. 

ChenMuch improved after his rework, while he has lost some elements of his Traits, he has also gained. Stagger isn't perfect, but there's no doubting he is vastly improved. 

DeckardAmazing sustain and exceptional on Battlegrounds that require fighting over a single location. He's packed with area denial, reasonable damage late game, and amazing crowd control. Very weak to continued dive.

Falstad: Although he hasn't seen as much play as he used to, Falstad remains a strong Hero. Mighty Gust will always have value, while his global soak and camp clear can stretch any opposition. With most building Falstad for magic damage, he can deal high immediate damage to multiple targets, while often escaping fairly easily thanks to Barrel Roll. 

IllidanDespite being out of favor due to Genji and Tracer, Illidan in the hands of a skilled player - especially when paired with Abathur - is still the stuff of nightmares. With lots of mobility, self healing and mitigation versus basic attacks, Illidan can prove useful against compositions which lack mobility or hard crowd control.

JunkratHe might struggle against mobile, dive heavy compositions, but few can compete with Junkrat's poke. His damage is high, even if it has long intervals between his bombardments, and his RIP Tire can wipe any team that's low health. Effective use of Concussion Mine also ensures he and his team can often pick out key targets. 

Kael'thasSimilarly to Jaina, he can struggle to deal with the top-tier Heroes. However, if he's left to his own devices few Heroes can match his ability to wipe the enemy team repeatedly. A fully stacked Flame Strike, that detonates twice, combined with Living Bomb, is often enough to hard carry his team to victory. As long as he positions himself well, and makes effective use of Gravity Lapse (and its Trait boosted stun), he can be frustrating to deal with.

KharazimKharazim's drawback is that he has to be in amongst a team fight in order to maximize his healing output. This often places him at risk, and can see him focused easily. Despite this, Kharazim is one of the few Support Heroes who poses a threat when it comes to damage output, and his ability to zip to allies in a pinch, to deliver a quick burst of healing, still sees him have value in certain compositions.

Leoric: The King of sustain, Leoric is a lumbering threat that works incredibly well on Dragonshire and Towers of Doom. His ability to heal himself, while remaining a constain nuisance ensures he's an excellent off-tank. He also pairs well with any Hero that deals AOE damage, especially if he picks up Entomb.

Li Li: Li Li does well in the lower ranks of Hero League, and her win rates are respectable. She's a fun, safe pick for anyone new to the Support role, and can carry fairly hard in lower league play thanks to her damage and Blind.

Lunara: My favorite Hero and my most played, Lunara remains a solid pick. Although her Trait and its potency is limited against the likes of Lucio or Malfurion (their healing over time hard counter it) she can stiffle other Support Heroes such as Brightwing, Kharazim, Rehgar and Uther. With high mobility for dodging telegraphs, her poke is strong and her wave clear high: Wisp remains valuable.

MuradinEver the reliable Warrior, Muradin is a solid and safe pick that has few drawbacks. His stun will always have value, while his self-healing (thanks to his Trait) ensures he has plenty of sustain when he has to dive back into a team fight. 

NazeeboStill strong on Battlegrounds that are small, where Nazeebo can rotate lanes quickly, he lost some of his potency when the Tower changes were implemented. His lane push his weak, he clears camps quite slowly, and he lacks burst damage: Lucio, Rehgar and Malfurion can often mitigate most of his damage.

RagnarosOn Braxis Holdout and Towers of Doom, Ragnaros is still fantastic. His Lava Wave is exceptional versus any minion heavy Battleground, while his Trait offers significant value when fighting under an objective. He lacks the utility and flexibility of Greymane, but there's no doubting he remains a viable threat when chosen strategically.

RehgarEven if he lacks the sustained healing of Lucio, Rehgar will always be viable due to the potency of Ancestral Healing. As far as clutch heals go, it can often turn team fights. His camp clear is weaker than it once was, but Chain Healing combined with his Healing Totem (Talent) ensures his healing output remains high over the course of an entire match. 

RexxarThe bane of my life on Dragonshire and Braxis Holdout, a skilled Rexxar player can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Misha can withstand high punishment, damage from both isn't too bad, and he can solo lane with ease - even against Malthael and Alarak.

StitchesAfter all this time, Stitches and a well placed Hook can still turn any team fight on its head. While I'd only ever encourage you to choose Gorge over Putrid Bile, Stitches offers high damage through Slam, while he has significant survivability thanks to Devour. He's a much better off-tank than solo Warrior, but he can still fair well by himself with the right team around him. As long as he can reliably land his Hook, he can do very well.

TyraelStronger after his rework thanks to lowered mana costs, Tyrael is very much in demand - especially against an AOE heavy, Maeve based team. Sanctification can nullify massive damage, while his AOE shielding and movement speed buffs can allow him and his team to escape, or dive with ease.

UtherOne of the few Supports that can reliably punish Genji and Tracer (Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm), Uther lacks sustain but offers excellent burst healing. His armor buff from providing healing, combined with his Trait - especially at level 20 - does ensure he can help his team, even in death. Best chosen against teams that want to dive, or which deal high immediate damage.

Valla: Rarely out of the meta, Valla now leans on Hungering Arrow heavily. However, her basic attacks still pack a punch, and there are few Heroes who can compete with her ability to burn down objectives. A well timed Rain of Vengeance can also buy her team time, or allow them to punish the opposition.

VarianWhether you take Taunt or Colossus Smash, Varian is a solid off-tank that still proves incredibly useful versus Genji and Tracer. His point-and-click Charge into Lion's Fang allows him and his team to blowup lone Heroes, while Parry - combined with with Shield Wall - sees him have high survivability.

Zarya: Used alongside another Warrior, and preferrably with a high sustain Support, Zarya has a great deal of utility and value. Expulsion Zone is great for denying exit or entry, while her AOE shielding can deny high burst in a pinch. Her damage is respectable, and her poke solid on Objectives that she can deny interacton (such as Towers of Doom).

ZagaraPurely because of her split-push potential and the fact her damage isn't too shabby, Zagara is a solid Specialist that can be difficult to contain. While she performs better on larger Battlegrounds, she proves difficult to handle if she continually pushes lanes and lays her creep.

ZeratulHis burst remains incredibly high, and you only have to look at top-tier players such as Rich (KSV Black) to see how potent he can be. Stealth changes have hurt his potency a little, but there's no mistaking he can cut down squishy Heroes near instantly. Like Nova and Valeera, he's best chosen on large Battlegrounds where he can roam with impunity.

B Tier

ChromieA well skilled Chromie is one of the most oppressive Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Providing her team with vision, thanks to her Time Walker's Pursuit Talent, she can not only deal massive damage from afar, but she's one of the few "mage" Assassins that can comfortably deal with Genji and Tracer. Her Time Trap, and use of Time Out or Bye Bye! Talents ensures she can get out of most sticky situations.

D.Va: Improved after her basic attacks no longer deal pitiful damage, D.Va is best chosen on Braxis Holdout where her Self-Destruct can reliably clear the zerg wave in an instant. It also has to be said that she remains a fairly weak pick even on her best maps, such as Towers of Doom, as she deals so little damage in a sustain meta.

Kel'Thuzad: There's no denying his burst is outrageous, especially if he lands his Chains of Kel'Thuzad. However, his lack of mobility combined with fairly slow-firing abilities often sees him easily killed against mobile, dive compositions. He can still do well with a strong front-line, but there's no doubting that the meta has moved very much away from his kit and its style.

Lt. MoralesSimilarly to Li Li, Lt. Morales can be good if you don't draft against her, or have a team that doesn't understand her limitations. Any mobile, dive heavy composition can handle her with ease and her inability to heal multiple targets limits her team-fight potential. She can perform well in lower ranks, and when paired with Illidan, The Butcher or Valla.

Nova: Much improved after her rework, Nova is a headache on large Battlegrounds where she can roam between lanes. On the likes of Warhead Junction, she can prove incredibly difficult to deal with. If she can secure early, repeat kills, her and her team can often gain a significant experience lead. She's also one of the few Heroes that can reliably burst the top tier Heroes, as long as she chooses the right moment.

SamuroYou'll often see highly skilled Samuro players performing amazing stuns with him. However, he's undoubtedly a niche pick that requires a very specific composition or Battleground. He works best on Blackheart's Bay, while experienced players can often shut down him and his clones quickly. In lower leagues, he can carry fairly hard if he's unleashing camps and focusing on high value targets.

SylvanasHaving the ability to completely shut down structures will never not be valuable, and on Battlegrounds where there are no push mechanics, Sylvanas can end games incredibly quickly. Unfortunately for her, she's fairly easy to shut down, focus and babysit. She does well only in lower leagues.

TassadarAfter the stealth changes, Tassadar's Trait lost some of its value, especially when you also factor in the constant vision Hanzo affords. Although his shielding has value, it's arguably inferior to Zarya's and his damage isn't amazing. If nothing else, Force Wall can be powerful in confined spaces and his slow from his basic attacks can be annoying.

The Lost VikingsIn the right hands TLV can be incredibly oppressive, and while their drafting is niche, on the right Battleground they can cause massive problems for any compositions through an XP lead alone. A niche pick.

XulHis team fight potency is limited, especially because he lacks self-sustain when his Bone Armor is broken. However, his lane push is still solid and on small Battlegrounds where he can rotate two lanes quickly, he can often secure a high experience lead. Unfortunately for Xul, a skilled team will often Cleanse his Bone Prison, or avoid it entirely.

Zul'jinSeveral months ago Zul'jin was a mandatory top-tier pick. However, Blizzard's nerf to key Talents saw him tumble down the Tier List. His damage is still high, he has solid utility and poke in Twin Blades, while Guillotine can cut down low health Heroes instantly. Despite this, his Trait leaves him vulnerable to dive and he has no reliable outs.

C Tier

Cho'gallBest used on small Battlegrounds, Cho'gall is better now that Malthael and Tychus' Traits don't deal as much damage. However, he's a large target that's hard to miss and one that's brought down easily with focused fire. Tychus, Valla, Greymane or Zul'jin can eat chunks out of his health with ease, while any amount of crowd control against him causes him massive problems.

GazloweHis lane push is still fantastic, and Xplodium Charge combined with Grav-O-Bomb 3000 (and Maeve's Warden's Cage) can clean up a close-quarter team. However, outside of those two things he offers very little. His Turrets are little more than a nuisance, he's easy to kite, and Deth Lazor leaves him vulnerable against mobile Heroes.

MurkyAfter his nerfs, laning and Tower changes, Murky offers very little. He's easy to kill, his damage is only good if players don't prevent his Octo-grab, and as long as you babysit him in lane, he really can't achieve very much. Other Specialists have far greater potency, while bringing far greater team-fight value.

ProbiusProbius has amazing lane sustain, but she's also easily killed and incredibly weak in the current meta. Her setup time for her Pylons is too long, they're too easily killed, and Warp Rift has limited value (you can either dive over it, or just work round it). Pylon Overcharge can be oppressive if you ignore her Pylons in the first place, but other than that she only brings value on defence; even that's limited.

The ButcherIn low level play The Butcher can do well, and his Lamb to the Slaughter can often secure an easy kill. Unfortunately for The Butcher, Onslaught is incredibly predictable, he's easily shut down by hard crowd control and he has absolutely no mobility until level 20. If his team can't feed him Meat early game, his potency is even worse.

ValeeraWith a strong silence, good damage and some mobility, Valeera is often annoying rather than a looming threat. Having seen the duration of her silence lowered, she did tumble down the Tiers. Even so, on large Battlegrounds - similarly to Nova - if she roams effectively she can do well as long as she picks her targets effectively. 

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