Tassadar is a ranged support Hero that can provide powerful shielding to his allies as well as vision. His ultimate abilities also bring damage or utility. In recent months his popularity has surged due to his presence on many competitive teams. The fact he can provide shielding but also uncover areas of the map allows your team to adjust their tactics against the enemy. Combined with two warriors, this mix allows for a team with high sustain without necessarily needing a dedicated healer. I will add however that to play Tassadar well takes a lot of skill and you need to know exactly which Heroes to shield and when.

Guide Updated: 14 July 2016



Very powerful shielding

Relies heavily on a competent team around him 

Capable of revealing areas of the map 

Difficult to master

His Force Wall ultimate is amazing in a team fight  

He’s all utility rather than a Hero offering high damage

He can cloak, allowing him to escape easily

Can't sustain a team by himself unless their damage is enormous

Amazing counter pick to Zeratul or Nova

Fighting for a place with Medivh 


Oracle (Trait) - Oracle allows Tassadar, every 40 seconds, to reveal an area around him. It’s rather large and uncovers anyone hidden in smoke or bushes. Best of all, it also reveals cloaked enemies such as Nova or Zeratul. It’s invaluable at providing your team with vision before engaging and should be used as often as possible. Just be sure to use it when you think enemies are nearby. Using it too early will waste its potential. 

Plasma Shield (Q) - The primary Tassadar skill, Plasma Shield provides himself or an ally with a shield. It scales really well and can allow your team to survive for much longer, especially if you have a healer and the fact it only has a 5 second cooldown. It’s also important to note that the shield is 50% stronger when used on allies instead of yourself. Be sure to use it on your high value targets, or those that are about to attack. 

Psionic Storm (W) - Your primary damage ability, Psionic Storm creates a small AOE pool of electricity. Lasting for 3 seconds, its damage isn’t amazing but it provides useful area denial.

Dimensional Shift (E) - Probably the best escape skill in the game, Dimensional Shift allows Tassadar to turn completely invisible and invulnerable for 1.5 seconds. It doesn’t should like a lot, but its duration is long enough that you’re almost guaranteed to escape.

Archon (Ultimate) - His “offensive” ultimate ability, Archo allows Tassadar to transform. Gaining a significant shield and basic attack damage boost, it’s a good skill to take if your team really lacks damage. Best of all, it lasts 12.5 seconds and makes your attacks splash enemies hit.

Force Wall (Ultimate) - I argue it’s his best ultimate ability, Force Wall creates a barrier in front of Tassadar. You can place it anywhere and its width ensures foes will struggle to move around it. At that point, it’s your team's opportunity to pounce on them and finish them off. Best of all, Force Wall can also be used defensively when you’re retreating. 


Level 1: Overload

Having an extended reach on Psionic Storm thanks to Overload is excellent for poke. It allows you to attack from afar, prevent objectives being captured and still deal some damage. 

Level 4: Mental Acuity 

Mental Acuity reduces the cooldown of Oracle by 20 seconds, allowing you to make use of vision much more often. Tassadar's Trait is key to why he's so strong (vision is key) so having the ability to use it more often is invaluable. 

Level 7: Khala's Embrace

With Khala's Embrace, players affected by Tassadar's Plasma Shield will see a portion of it retained permanently after 5 seconds. It's amazing if you use it just before a fight as it allows you to protect allies much easier. It's a must have, just be sure to use your shielding on all allies before a team fight. 

Level 10: Force Wall

Force Wall is invaluable at allowing your team to trap or split an enemy team and it's incredible at helping you escape if placed behind you.

Variable: Archon is a good alternative only if your team is sorely lacking damage. Just be aware that you're an easy target with it. 

Level 13: Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray allows you to reduce the damage and speed of one target by 50% for 4 seconds. It's amazing against assassins such as The Butcher or Thrall or even a warrior that's getting too close for comfort. 

Level 16: Dimensional Warp

When you use Dimensional Shift you'll now gain 50% extra movement speed and heal a fair amount. Dimensional Warp is great for staying alive during a difficult team fight.

Variable: For extra area denial and damage, take Second Strike. It allows you to quickly place two Psionic Storm's.

Level 20: Rewind

Rewind provides Tassadar with two shields - an absolute must in a team fight. In addition, you can also lay four Psionic Storm's if you took Second Strike and of course, two uses for Dimensional Shift. 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. For the Heroes listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Tassadar. 



The Butcher: Lamb to the Slaughter combined with Butcher's Brand will absolutely destroy you. Without Dimensional Shift, you're going to take tons of damage. 


Kael'Thas: Gravity Well can really ruin your play as Tassadar. It'll force you to shield yourself or at the very least use your escape skill. 


Jaina: She's a huge threat because of her ability to slow you. If you don't have Dimensional Shift, you can be in serious trouble. 


Kerrigan: Considering you both have self shielding, Kerrigan usually comes out on top because of her elite but also her ability to interrupt you. You can also struggle to escape because of her pull. 



Leoric: Purely because of his self healing and ability to slow you, Leoric is a real nuisance that you'll never really be able to kill.



This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Tassadar play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Always try to use Plasma Shield on the target most likely to take damage. Protect your front line or your squishy assassins.

2. Try to save Force Wall for two key moments: escaping or trapping low health enemies from escaping.

3. Only use Dimensional Shift when low health, or to reposition in a fight so that you can stand somewhere safely.

4. Because Dimensional Shift makes you invulnerable, it’s perfect to use when you’re about to take huge damage.

5. With practice you can learn to see Nova and Zeratul’s cloak. Be sure to use Oracle when you see them nearby.

6. Always use Oracle before engaging or using an objective so you don’t get ambushed.

7. Later game you can use your Plasma Shield on an ally and if it disappears, 50% of it will remain permanently. Try to do this on all your team.

8. Psionic Storm is great for ranged poking an enemy team due to its duration and it being an AOE field.

9. You can use Psionic Shield to protect structures when under attack.

10. Towards late game Tassadar has incredible utility - maximise this by using Shrink Ray, your Shield and Rewind.

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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2016

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