Gazlowe has one of the worst reputations in Heroes of the Storm because - and this is purely from my experience - he appeals to beginners. As such, more often than not you'll find the majority of Gazlowe's are fairly terrible. They stay in lane, do nothing but camps and avoid all team fights. It's the wrong way to play him because when he does support a team properly, he's absolutely brilliant to have around. His Grav-O-Bomb ultimate is incredible during any team fight, his ability to stun with Explodium Charge's highly useful when retreating and his turrets are exceptional at providing support to your team or zoning out enemies. Gazlowe takes a lot of skill to play well and he needs exceptional understanding of Battlegrounds and where he should be and when. 

Updated: 27 July 2016



Amazing at area denial thanks to his turrets 

Terrible basic attack damage against Heroes 

Superb at pushing lanes due to his turrets and bombs 

Relies heavily on others to do the heavy lifting in team fights 

An incredible Ultimate in Gravity Bomb

Has a terrible reputation - expect some abuse!

An invaluable stun with Xplodium Charge Turrets need to be setup in advance


Salvager (Trait) – Using your trait effectively means that you can hypothetically sustain your mana in lane indefinitely. Of course, you will need to sacrifice a turret to do so, but it is often well worth it. The ability to constantly push waves, poke your enemies, and never run out of mana can be quite difficult for your enemies to deal with.

Rock-It! Turret (Q) – Gazlowe’s turrets do it all: push waves, tank tower shots, protect against ganks, and easily contest objectives. Later in the game, they can be used to easily solo merc camps, or even a boss. When team fighting, it’s important to think of your turrets the same way you do your forts; fight around them, and it’s like having a sixth team member. Fight away from them, and you’re missing a lot of potential damage.

Deth Lazor (W) – Aside from having a fantastic name, this ability can be quite effective when used against unsuspecting opponents. Whenever possible, charge up your Lazor from the fog of war, utilizing the long range to get free and substantial damage down on your opposing laner. During team fights, use the chaos to charge up and get a strong Lazor across multiple members of the other team.

Xplodium Charge (E) – Along with your turrets, Xplodium Charge provides extremely strong wave clear. It can be difficult to hit enemy Heroes with this ability by itself, but once you hit level 10, combining it with your Heroic ability makes stunning groups of enemies a breeze. Once they’re stunned, channel your Deth Lazor and really lay down the hurt.

Robo-Goblin (R) – If you’re looking to do nothing but relentlessly push lanes with Gazlowe, taking this Heroic may seem like the right way to go. However, it’s very rare that players will make this decision, as you’re sacrificing a lot of team fight potential, and already have the ability to quickly push and take camps, even without Robo-Goblin.

Grav-O-Bomb 3000 (R) – Drop this Heroic in the middle of a team fight, throw in Xplodium Charge in the middle, charge up your Deth Lazor, and you have untold amounts of destruction at your fingertips. Proper placement of this ability can be absolutely game-changing, as you’ll either deal massive damage to the enemy team, or cause them to scatter and flee, creating favorable conditions for your allies to chase them and pick off opposing Heroes who are now out of position.


Level 1: Break It Down!

Scrap is key to Gazlowe having short cooldowns. Each Scrap reduces the cooldown on his skills by three times, over 3 seconds. Break It Down! increases this to four times as fast. 

Level 4: Ark Reaktor

During team fights, having Xplodium Charges is invaluable, as it's two stuns and a fair amount of area denial. They also deal reasonable damage if you catch an enemy player. The fact this allows you to have two turrets really boosts your team presence. Ark Reaktor is great.

Variable: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle provides a 15% chance to obtain scrap from minions, creatures and structures that die near Gazlowe. Considering Scrap reduces your cooldowns significantly, it's very useful for laning.

Level 7: Hyperfocus Coils

Dethlazer is your best poke skill and allows you to clear waves, attack the enemy from afar and generally be a nuisance. Having it charge twice as quick thanks to Hyperfocus Coils is a must. 

Level 10: Grav-O-Bomb 3000

Gazlowe's best ultimate and one of the best in the game. When you plant the Grav-O-Bomb 3000 you'll pull enemies towards the middle of the explosion and deal high damage. It's incredible for a team spike and even better if you pre-plant a Charge. 

Level 13: EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper 

Building on Deth Lazer even more, EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper slows enemy Heroes hit by 40% but also freezes minions and structures. It's amazing in a team fight but also fantastic when pushing lane. The fact your Deth Lazer also charges twice as quick (including Scrap!) allows you to apply heavy ranged pressure. 

Level 16: Goblin Fusion 

Goblin Fusion provides an additional charge to your Deth Lazer, increasing its damage by 100%. It's now a high spike, low cooldown, slowing machine. 

Variable: Kwik Release Charge is a brilliant alternative as you'll now be able to place two Charges instead of one. 

Level 20: Miniature Black Hole 

Your ultimate gets even better with Miniature Black Hole, now with a wider radius and greater damage. Perfect for a team fight. 


Despite us providing threat tables for other specialists, it's a much better choice with Gazlowe to simply do away with it entirely. Every single Hero is a threat to Gazlowe, including Murky. His Bombs are easy to avoid, his Lazer escapable by simply retreating or stepping above or below it and his basic attack is pitiful. Having said that, your entire purpose in a team fight is area denial and utilising Gravity Bomb to coordinate a spike against the opposition. Gravity Bomb deals a sizeable chunk of damage by itself but when paired with Jaina, Kael or any Hero remotely capable of AOE damage, it's incredible. Add in your turrets that attack multiple targets and a swift Xplodium Charge and the damage is incredible. 

Based on the above, you should constantly be securing camps, pushing your lane when there isn't a team fight and moving to a new lane when the first tower is down. Above everything else, you HAVE to join in team fights. No exceptions. On maps such as Cursed Hollow you can excel as you can place your turrets around a curse and run in casting your Charge plus Gravity Bomb. If you avoid team fights, your team will not only lose out on your damage, but your utility as well. Once you've used all your skills, retreat and re-use your turrets. 


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Gazlowe play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Always, always, always help in team fights. No exceptions. 

2. When there aren't team fights, push your lane - hard. Once the first set of towers is down, move to a new lane. 

3. If you have the time and team fights aren't imminent, clear camps. After level 4 you can do this easily and quickly. 

4. After level 13 Gazlowe can comfortably solo a Boss. You can sometimes sneak and do this before anyone even notices you're missing - just place your 3 turrets down and go at him.

5. Ensure you use your Grav-O-Bomb in the middle of the team fight, but be sure to place your Charge first so that it detonates when everyone is in the middle. 

6. Your Deth Lazor has good range and damage - make the most of it in a team fight.

7. Remember to pick-up Scrap that your turrets or structures drop. It'll reduce the cooldowns of your skills and gives you mana.

8. Try to avoid fighting enemy Heroes 1 on 1. Unless your opponent is brand new to Heroes of the Storm and doesn't have a clue, you'll likely die.

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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016

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