Greymane is a unique and flexible Hero that can shape-shift from a human form, to a Worgen. His human form allows him to attack from range with his pistol and Gilnean Cocktail whilst the Worgen is melee based, thanks to a mean set of claws.

Key to success with Greymane is your ability to manage both of these forms effectively, knowing when to shape-shift back and forth in order to survive but to also deal maximum damage. Unsurprisingly and due to the flexibility of Greymane, he's a particularly powerful Hero.

His ability to dive into combat, retreat and continue to deal damage makes him particularly deadly. Unlike other assassins, he also has a reasonably high health pool (1,800) and base armor in Worgen form (+10) meaning he can survive a reasonable amount of damage over a period of time.

If you're to maximise your effectivness with him, you should regularly be jumping in and out of your forms to use all your abilities. Most important of all however is to position yourself well and to not carelessly dive: once Greymane is committed, he can't escape for some time.  

Updated: 25 April 2017



A very flexible play style 

His only "out" is when in Worgen form 

Capable of attacking from range or melee  

Difficult to master due to the need to manage his forms properly 

Can deal huge single target damage   

He's competing against other popular assassins for a team place

Has some AOE potency through his Gilnean Cocktail 

Mana hungry early game

Amazing at solo clearing Mercenary camps Gilnean Cocktail is punishing if you miss


Curse of the Worgen (Trait) - As you might expect, Greymane's Trait allows him to shapeshift from a human into a Worgen. Your ability to shift is linked directly to your abilities and whilst the trait provides no bonus in human form, when you shift to a Worgen you deal 40% extra damage and gain 10 armor (or 10% mitigation). Considering many of Greymane's Worgen skills involves leaps, it's relatively easy to make use of the damage bonus and against Mercenary camps or static objectives such as an Immortal, it allows Greymane to deal huge damage rapidly. 

Human Form Abilities

Gilnean Cocktail  (Q) - Without doubt a unique skill and the first of its kind, Gilnean Cocktail is an AOE projectile that once thrown will explode on the first target hit. The impact target will take a small amount of damage but those behind that individual will take high splash damage in a cone. During a team fight when you want to pressure a group, it's amazing at dealing damage to multiple targets. Just be sure to hit a target or the Cocktail won't explode. As a final note, try to always position yourself so that it hits multiple targets - used on a single target is wasteful as it costs a fair amount of mana and deals little damage against the source. 

Inner Beast (W) - Functioning similarly to Raynor's Inspire, Inner Beast can be used in Human and Worgen form. Granting a 50% increase to your attack speed for 3 seconds, as long as you keep attacking its duration is refreshed (basic attacks extend its duration by 1 second). When laning or during a team fight, it provides a huge damage boost to you and your Worgen form. Just be sure to constantly keep track of your attacks to ensure you don't let Inner Beast fade. 

Dark Flight (E) - In Human form Dark Flight allows you to transform into a Worgen and leap at a foe, dealing damage on impact (picture it as a smaller version of The Butcher's Onslaught). It's a relatively simple ability to use and can be used as an escape (if you target a minion or wall) but is primarily used to dive into combat or chase someone down.

Worgen Form Abilities

Razor Swipe (Q) - As a basic melee attack, Razor Swipe when in Worgen form allows you to dash forwards and deal damage in a frontal arc. Its damage isn't enormous but it has a very short cooldown (3 seconds) and can also be used alongside Inner Beast to attack much faster. 

Inner Beast (W) - See Human Form above.

Disengage (E) - As his final ability, Disengage allows you to roll backwards as a Worgen and return back to being human. It's your only real means of escape and can eventually be upgraded to allow you to stealth. Be sure to use Disengage if you get low health or to retreat a little to fire off a Gilnean Cocktail before jumping back into a fight. It's important to know however that you cannot instantly Disengage after using Dark Flight - there's a 5 second cooldown so be sure you can survive before committing to a dive. 

Heroic Abilities

Go for the Throat (Heroic) - As his first Heroic, Go for the Throat allows Greymane to leap at a target enemy and transform into a Worgen instantly. He'll slash on landing, dealing high single target damage. If you successfully kill your target, you can use the ability again - for free - within a 10 second window. It's absolutely brilliant during a team fight if you happen to arrive late as you can effectively dive from Hero to Hero as you pick them off. Predictably, using Go for the Throat too early can leave you very vulnerable as you aren't immune to Crowd Control during the dive. It's also important to note that targets who will die instantly to your Heroic are marked above their heads with a red cross. 

Cursed Bullet (Heroic) - Cursed Bullet allows Greymane to shapeshift into a human and fire a bullet straight ahead. The first enemy hit suffers 35% of their current health as damage. It's an enormous amount and can seriously hurt high any Hero caught in its path. The fact it's another ranged option for Greymane also helps as it not only transforms him out of being a Worgen instantly, but also ensures he can pick off a target he might not have originally been able to reach. 


Level 1: Wolfheart

Allowing Greymane to lower the cooldown of his Inner Beast every time he uses a basic attack, Wolfheart allows you to ensure it's almost always available. Each basic attack lowers Wolfheart's cooldown from 0.5 seconds to 1second, ensuring that if you can land a good handful of basic attacks Inner Beast will be ready again the moment it expires. 

Level 4: Eyes in the Dark

Eyes in the Dark provides Greymane with an invaluable stealth that activates once he rolls backwards from Worgen form. It's almost a gaurenteed escape but more importantly, even if you aren't low health it allows you to reposition yourself during the fight. 3 seconds of stealth is a long time. 

Level 7: Quicksilver Bullets 

Quicksilver Bullets increases the human attack range on Greymane's basic attacks by 20%. This is significant as it not only allows him to constantly poke from afar, but ensures he doesn't need to get too close. During moments when he needs to buy time before he dives in, the additional range is invaluable. 

Variable: Wizened Duelist is a very high risk/high reward talent that allows Greymane to increase his damage by 30% with 3% gained on every Hero takedown. If you play smart and utilise Eyes in the Dark to disengage, it's fairly easy to maintain. Just be sure to poke often as a Human before diving in for the kill. 

Level 10: Go For The Throat

Dealing huge damage and providing you with a second leap, Go For The Throat allows you to dive onto any enemy of your choosing. If an enemy is low, and will die from your ultimate, they'll be marked with a symbol above their head. If you take them down, you'll also be able to spring to another target without cooldown. It's amazing at finishing off an already weakened team. 

Level 13: On The Prowl

Whether you're chasing someone down in Human or Worgen form or needing to escape, On the Prowl providing a 30% movement speed buff for 3 seconds when using Inner Beast is incredible. 

Variable: Providing a much better method of engagement (or disengagement), Running Wild extends your Darkflight range by 35%. It's an enormous amount and ensures no one can escape you. 

Level 16: Executioner

Although you technically can't utilise the bonuses of this talent by yourself, it's pretty much gaurenteed someone on your team will have a slow, stun or root. If an enemy is affected by either of these things, your basic attacks will deal 30% extra damage to that. That's enormous and eye-watering for burst potential. Executioner might be niche, but it's fab.

Variable: Particularly good against high health Heroes and effectively double the strength of Giant Killer, Alpha Killer allows you to deal 3% extra damage based on your targets maximum health. Against Cho'gall, that's an extra 110 damage per hit. 

Level 20: Unleashed

Hunter's Blunderbuss is an excellent talent. It provides you with splash damage on your pistol, not only offering good wave clear but fantastic team fight potential. Factoring in your additional range on your basic attacks in human form, it's good (free) AOE pressure. 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. For the Heroes listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Greymane. 



The Butcher: Lamb to the Slaughter combined with Butcher's Brand will absolutely destroy you. Without Disengage, you're going to take tons of damage. 


Kael'Thas: Unsurprisingly Kael'Thas can shut down Greymane fairly easily. His Gravity Lapse can stop your Worgen and he can comfortably pressure you from range. 


Kerrigan: Her shielding, stun, leap and pull makes life very difficult for Greymane. If she gets too close, you have to switch to Worgen form but even then, you'll take a beating. 



Varian: His self healing combined with his stun and rapid attacks (or huge burst from Colossus Smash) make him a real problem.


Thrall: Self healing, a powerful stun ultimate and a root make life for Greymane pretty miserable. If he does root you, you need to hit him with everything you've got, as quickly as possible. Preferrably, use Disengage, re-position then attack back. 


Raynor: His auto attack damage is enormous and his stun on his knockback can absolutely destroy you. He has better range, can attack quickly and heal himself. Try to avoid or have your team focus him early.


Valeera: You can turn on her quickly, but she can burst you in seconds if you're not in Worgen form. 7/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Greymane play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Remember that your primary form, is your Human form. Your Worgen is specifically designed for diving into combat and bursting someone down. 

2. Try to keep Inner Beast up as long as possible by continually attacking enemy Heroes or minions. Doing so, or using abilities, keeps up its duration. 

3. As Greymane you should constantly be changing from Human to Worgen during a team fight. Once you've utilised all your human skills and if a target is low health, dive at them as a Worgen and bring them down before Disengaging. 

4. Always use Marked for the Kill on squishy targets such as Kael, Jaina or Tyrande. It's a huge boost to everyones damage and will allow you to bring targets down much quicker. 

5. When low health, be sure to Disengage early so that you can be healed and reposition, ready to charge back into a fight. 

6. Remember that during early game, Gilnean Cocktail deals the vast majority of its damage behind the struck enemy, so be sure to factor this into your positioning. 

7. The current Meta of two warriors on a team can be challenging for Greymane because even though you have more health than other assassins, you can still die very easily to a stun or root. 

8. Your most powerful attack rotation is to open with Marked for the Kill > Inner Beast > Gilnean Cocktail > Marked for the Kill (to leap to the target) > Razor Swipe 

9. None of the abilities available to Greymane provide evasion so when in Worgen form, be sure to play him as you would a melee assassin. 

10. Towards late game, try to use Marked for the Kill so that it hits multiple enemies. 25% extra damage across more than one target will see enemy teams take huge damage in a very short space of time. 

11. When using Go For The Throat, targets that will die from your leap are marked with a red symbol above their head.

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Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017

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