Tyrande is a Support Hero and although she can heal, she's primarily utility rather than raw healing power (especially compared to Lt. Morales). With only one heal, and an Ultimate heal (Shadowstalk) on a lengthy cooldown, she makes up for this by having a powerful stun, lots of utility skills and an innate ability that boosts your teams damage by 25% on a target. With the right composition she can keep a team alive, but she relies heavily on others knowing what they should and shouldn't be doing. 

I'd argue that Tyrande is at her strongest when she has a secondary Support Hero with her (such as Li Li or Tassadar) and needs exceptional aim to excel. Missing her stun regularly will seriously harm any team and its spike potential, while juggling her need to land basic attacks, to shave time off her heal, can be challenging.

Despite that, with the right setup she can excel and I think overall, her rework has improved her a fair amount. 

Updated: 28 September 2017



A versatile and fun Hero

Poor mobility outside of her Heroic

Strong utility in her vision and trait

Mana intensive early game

Can boost your teams damage by 25% against a single target

Little burst healing unless constantly using your basic attacks

A powerful long range stun (needs aiming practice!)

Positioning is incredibly important to maximize healing and damage potential

If able to basic attack, can significantly lower the cooldown on her heal Sentinel can't really be improved a great deal any more



Hunter’s Mark (Trait) – This is a huge part of Tyrande’s power. She’s the only Hero able to lower armor at level 1, and can do so at no mana cost. An early gank will have a much higher chance of success with Tyrande involved, and you should be using this in team fights to help your assassins eliminate their targets as quickly as possible. Hunter's Mark also works on all minions, camps and Objectives so on Battlegrounds such as Battlefield of Eternity, Tyrande brings a free 25% damage boost against the target. 



Light of Elune (Q) – As this is the only healing ability in her kit, Tyrande is one of the weakest solo healers in the game. However, Light of Elune does have the perk of having its cooldown reduced by 2 seconds for every basic attack you land. That can be pretty good for shaving significant time off your cooldown, but it does mean that you need to be in a position to constantly attack. If you can't, that single heal every 12 seconds really won't sustain your team during a fight. Ideally, try to ensure you're on the flanks of any fight so that when the enemy team does push forward, you can escape and still attack. 


Sentinel (W) – Vision is extremely important, as it gives vital information when you’re deciding if you should take a merc camp, challenge the boss, or even just chase a kill. As long as you have the mana for it, use Sentinel as much as possible in critical locations to give your team as much information as possible. The damage is somewhat negligible by default, though due to the global range, you can use this ability to snipe an enemy that just barely got away. As a repeatedable quest, every time you hit 8 heroes Sentinel will pierce and decrease its mana cost. Eventually, it can pierce an entire team and be free on mana so be sure to land them as much as possible. 


Lunar Flare (E) – Using this ability well will make or break your play on Tyrande. When used properly, Lunar Flare offers a small AoE stun that cannot be body-blocked, meaning enemies cannot protect their assassins. Due to the delay, it’s often helpful if you’re able to follow up on more reliable crowd-control, though not absolutely necessary. Particularly in the chaos of a team fight, it can be a simple matter to lock down a priority target, or interrupt an important channel.


Shadowstalk (R) – Providing Tyrande with an immediate stealth, Shadowstalk also increases Tyrande's movement speed by 30% and when the stealth ends, you gain 50% attack speed for 5 seconds. Without doubt it's the heroic of choice if you want survivability but also the opportunity to shave massive time off your Light of Elune. With the rapid delivery of basic attacks once you reappear (you can end the stealth early) you can not only deal significant damage but use your heal back to back in some instances. As Tyrande you're very vulnerable to dive compositions and being focus fired, so having such an escape works very well. 


Starfall (R) – This heroic ability can completely change the mood of any team fight. Not only does it offer a large AoE slow, but the damage will be extremely significant if enemies stand inside of it for even a few seconds. In a controlled area, you can deal a ton of damage, zone enemies away from an objective, or split them up as they all scramble to get out of Starfall’s range. In almost all situations, it's a fantastic choice. Taking Starfall however does significantly reduce your survivability and overall healing output, so make the decision wisely. 


Level 1: Ranger

Ranger allows Tyrande to significantly improve her Sentinel, increasing its width by 25% and the damage it deals the longer it travels. Not only that, but each Hero you hit increases its damage by 3%. Mid to late game, if you're landing your Sentinel repeatedly, you can almost kill any low health Hero if you cast your owl from afar.

Level 4: Moolit Arrows

Moonlit Arrows is a good talent if your opponents aren't stun heavy. The additional 0.75 seconds reduced off Light of Elune's cooldown, every basic attack, is significant and quickly adds up. It'll allow you to heal much more often - never a bad thing. 

Variable: Stuns are a big part of Heroes of the Storm and Celestial Attunement attempts to reduce their potency. Casting Light of Elune on a hero who is stunned not only removes it, but also grants a free cast of your heal within 3 seconds. Against heroes such as Uther, Varian or Diablo, it can help enormously. Only take this against a stun-heavy composition.

Level 7: Darnassian Archery

Tyrande relies massively on her basic attacks, not just to lower her cooldowns but to also deal the majority of her damage when Sentinel is on cooldown. Darnassian Archery allows her to increase her basic attack damage by 20% (5% per attack). When she exists Shadowstalk, it's a free rapid delivery of additional damage.

Level 10: Shadowstalk

Taking Shadowstalk stealths Tyrande and provides her with a valuable escape, and ability to significantly reduce her healing cooldown. Considering its very short cooldown of 30 seconds, it's very powerful. You can stealth into an engagement, use it to retreat and still give out healing alongside your Light of Elune. Great if you're struggling to keep your team alive.  

Level 13: Empower

Empower reduces the cooldown of Sentinel by 2 seconds, and further reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds for every Hero you hit. If you cut through multiple, you can fire off back-to-back Sentinel's that deal massive damage.

Level 16: Mark of Mending

Mark of Mending allows Tyrande to regain 2% of her maximum health back when she attacks an enemy affected by Hunter's Mark. Not only that, but all her allies also benefit from this buff, allowing her - against a single target - to provide group-wide healing, as long as they hit the same target. 

Variable: If you're the only support, take Overflowing Light. I've found it to be a fantastic talent as it significantly boosts the potency of Light of Elune, increasing the healing when Tyrande is above 60% health, by 30%. Fantastic if you're the only support or need that significant increase to keep your team alive under heavy pressure. 

Level 20: Iceblade Arrows

Increasing Tyrande's base attack speed by 25%, Iceblade Arrows grants a much needed ability to further reduce the cooldown on Light of Elune. Iceblade Arrows also lowers the damage a hero deals by 8% for every basic attack you land, stacking up to 5 times. If you can use Shadowstalk with Iceblade Arrows, you fire at ridiculously rapid speeds. 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. Any Heroes that aren't on this list are easy pickings for Tyrande. If a Hero is listed here, take greater care and unsurprisingly, most threats are ones that can pin you down



Illidan: His mobility and evades make him a challenge for Tyrande. His damage and if he uses an elite will also leave you in trouble. If you miss your stun, it's game over. 


Kerrigan: Staying out of her range is important because if she catches you with Primal Grasp > Impaling Blades you're going to take a huge amount of damage. 


Murky: Sounds silly, but Octograb, plus pufferfish will essentially kill you.  In a 1 v 1 Murky wins if he gets the drop on you and he can comfortably avoid your Gravity Lapse with his bubble. 


Nova: Nova loves to kill Tyrande.  If you are not full health and you are alone, you are in jeopardy.  Try to always stay near allies and keep your Lunar Flare ready. 


Stitches: His hook can yank you into difficult locations.  Always try to keep minions between yourself and Stitches and save your Lunar Flare in the event he successfully pulls you. 


The Butcher: His charge, Lamb to the Slaughter or self heal can rip you up in seconds. Even if you stun him, a good Butcher will have saved his Lamb to the Slaughter to ensure he can finish you off. Keep your distance!


Thrall: If he gets the drop on you with his root, you're going to take huge damage. Fortunately even if you are rooted, you can then stun him. Just be sure not to miss and if low, remember his Chain Lightning has good range. 


Valla: Her escape makes her tough to kill and her sustain damage can cause real problems, especially with the extended reach of Hunger Arrow.


Zeratul: He is much like Nova, only he kills you quicker. Be nervous if he's in the enemy team. 


Tracer: The best you can do when she attacks you is to use your Shrink Ray on her before trying to escape. You'll rarely, if ever land any of your skills against her. 9/10
Valeera: Her stun, silence and burst damage make life very miserable for Tyrande. 9/10
Genji: Mobility, poke and a deflect that ensures he can survive just about anything you throw at him. 9/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Tyrande play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Hunter's Mark increases damage from ALL sources for 4 seconds. The 25% damage increase is enormous and can allow your team to blow up just about any hero instantly. Choose squishy targets if possible. 

2. When you've cast Hunter's Mark on a target, try to stun them with Lunar Flare to buy your team time to make use on the damage multiplier. 

3. During Objective Battlegrounds, such as Battlefield of Eternity, try to have Hunter's Mark ready for the Immortals. It'll help your team burn them down incredibly quickly. 

4. Light of Elune has a long cooldown if you aren't using your basic attacks. You have to constantly be firing at the enemy team if you're to provide solid healing output. 

5. The cooldown on Light of Elune is reduced even if hitting minions or mercenaries - not just heroes. If in lane, be sure to hit them if you can't reach an enemy hero. 

6. Sentinel only begins to pierce enemy heroes after you've landed it 8 times. Every further 8 allow it to pierce one more. Try to hit as many targets as possible, as quickly as possible to gain the additional utility. 

7. You should regularly be using Sentinel to scout all camps on the enemies side of the map. You need to know where players are all of the time. 

8. During a team fight and at level 13, try to save Sentinel so you can make use of your Harsh Moonlight talent. 

9. It's sometimes a good idea to cast Sentinel from the spawn point if you've gone back to the Core, as you can then quickly tap Z again to mount up without having to wait (and replenish your mana). 

10. Lunar Flare should always be used against key targets to either kill an enemy or defend an ally. It also stacks with other stuns, so you should try to follow up with abilities such as Diablo's Overpower for maximum impact. 

11. Don't be afraid to use Shadowstalk early. Its cooldown is very low and it'll help you deal more damage and heal more often when it ends (if you can attack afterwards). 

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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2017

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