Anduin plays somewhere between Uther and Whitemane. He has some damage, lots of healing, but some static play. He makes up for this however in the fact his kit has utility (a pull and stun) as well as a very powerful Heroic in Holy Word: Salvation. Like his Support peers, he lacks mobility, needs to position correctly, and if he misses his one and only defensive ability (Chastise) he can be in big trouble. That said, with reasonable ranged damage when Talented, and low cooldowns on his heals, he can prove incredibly powerful and I would argue, for Holy Word: Salvation alone, a top-tier Support. 

Updated: 1 May 2019



Brilliant single target healing

Little mobility outside of Talents

Excellent Trait for protecting allies

Fairly hefty cooldown on his Trait

Very powerful Heroic abilities

Divine Star requires players to move into its path to heal them

Reasonable damage, considering he's support

If you miss Chastise, you're in trouble

Diverse Talents to blend builds

Static Heroics



Leap of Faith (Trait) – A powerful Trait, that's invaluable for a Support, Leap of Faith allows Anduin to target an ally within a large radius and pull them towards him. When pulled, those allies are also granted Unstoppable. Whether grabbing someone from danger, or pulling a Warrior to you when you need peels, it's definitely one of the strongest Trait's in the game, but comes with a fairly long cooldown. 



Flash Heal (Q) – A point and click heal with a low cooldown, Flash Heal has a fast cast-time and can be used often (its also fairly cheap on mana). Its range is pretty long, but you have to remain stationary for a brief moment while you cast it. Try to use it at maximum range to avoid being interrupted. 


Divine Star (W) – A twin ability that allows Anduin to hurt enemies, and heal allies. Upon dealing damage, it'll boomerang back to heal his team in a wide path. Try to always land your shot against the furthest opponent, and be sure to stand in the returning heal.


Chastise (E) – Your only form of defence, Chastise is a targeted root that lasts for a short duration. It'll always hit the first enemy Hero it comes into contact with, and allows you to escape, or setup a kill. If you do use it offensively, be conscious of the fact that you've no "out", leaving you incredibly vulnerable to dive.


Holy Word: Salvation (R) – With a short cooldown, Salvation is incredible. It provides complete immunity to all allies in its radius, while rapidly healing. Although its duration is short (3 seconds), it can instantly mitigate a team dive or when Heroics are triggered. Just ensure that when you cast Salvation, you're in amongst your team in the right location to mitigate damage, and heal as many as possible. 


Lightbomb (R) – An offensive Heroic, and one that undoubtedly has value. Lightbomb allows Anduin to stun multiple targets once the Lightbomb explodes. Not only that, but the recipient of Lightbomb will be shielded. Ideally you want to cast this Heroic on your front-line so that they're in amongst the enemy team when it goes off. 


Level 1: Bold Strategy

Bold Strategy allows you to obtain all 3 Level 1 Talents, for the cost of a 1 second increase to the cooldown of Flash Heal. It's well worth it, as Renew and Pursued Grace bolster your basic attacks (and damage) to provide a Heal Over Time, and a splash heal. 

Level 4: Holy Reach

Holy Reach pairs nicely with the fact you gain Renew, and Pursued Grace at level 1. Landing Chastise on an enemy increases your basic attack range and damage by 50% while also allowing your attack to heal those around the target.

Level 7: Blessed Recovery

With all your heals having a cast time, Blessed Recovery provides some much needed mitigation. If you lose 8% of your maximum health at once, you'll regain 15% over 3 seconds. 

Level 10: Holy Word: Salvation

A no-brainer for a team-fight. Holy Word: Salvation offers mitigation, and AOE healing, and can cancel out any opposition dive in an instant.

Level 13: Enchanted Boots - Lion's Speed

Enchanted Boots - Lion's Speed offers Anduin some much needed mobility. When your Trait is on cooldown, you gain a total of 15% movement speed, allowing you to move a little more freely in a team fight.

Level 16: Inner Focus

An active ability on a 20 second cooldown, Inner Focus simply allows Anduin to reset the cooldown on Flash Heal. Granting two large back-to-back heals, it's the equivalent of Benediction on Uther. Brilliant for mitigating burst on multiple targets.

Level 20: Light of Stormwind

Increasing Holy Word: Salvation, Light of Stormwind increases your Heroics healing by 30% of maximum Health, but upon ending also grants your team 40% movement speed for 3 seconds. Brilliant for escaping, or turning the tide on enemies trying to flee. 

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Last Updated: May 06, 2019

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