Rexxar is a unque Warrior that plays nothing like any other character in Heroes of the Storm. He attacks from range and commands his trusty bear, Misha, to attack with him. Almost all of his utility (as well as a portion of his damage) is tied to her and because of that, you need to micro-manage her movement and actions. If Misha dies, you'll lose a great deal of your ability to attack opponents or defend your allies. I would add that Rexxar is particularly challenging to play because Misha can be difficult to control well and if you're the only tank, she isn't exceptional at defending players. As a bruiser however or off-tank, Rexxar can be very strong. 

Guide Updated: 22 July 2016.



Capable of soloing camps and bosses

Misha has very poor AI

Good in 1 on 1's thanks to him and Misha

Misha dies incredibly easily even when being healed

He has some useful crowd control (slow/stun)

He's very vulnerable without Misha

Has a powerful Ultimate ability that can root and slow a team  

I'm not entirely sure he fits the Warrior mould 


Misha (Trait) - Rexxar's trait allows you to directly command Misha's function. Pressing (D) will cycle through whether she attacks when you do, or when she comes to your side. It's vital that you actively manage Misha through your trait or she'll die much more than she should. 

Spirit Swoop (Q) - Rexxar's ranged snare allows him to slow all enemies the bird strikes. It doesn't deal enormous damage, but it provides reasonable pressure and allows you to land your auto attacks easier or Misha, Charge! It's range is fairly generous though its telegraph is narrow. Fortunately the bird flies out quickly allowing you to easily hit enemies. 

Misha, Charge! (W) - Dealing damage to all enemies in a line and allowing your bear to stun those that she hits, Misha, Charge! is key to Rexxar's playstyle. It's invaluable during a team fight and later on, Misha, Charge! can have its cooldown significantly reduced as your bear auto attacks. Used against an enemy trying to escape, or to protect an ally who is being attacked, it's invaluable. 

Mend Pet (E) - Doing exactly as it says, it provides Misha with a considerable amount of health over 5 seconds. Due to the fact that it's a heal over time you need to factor in when you think Misha will take damage because if you lose it too late, she'll die and you'll be left vulnerable. Always try to keep her health topped up as much as possible. 

Beastial Wrath (R) - Boosting Misha's damage by 150% for 12 seconds, Bestial Wrath allows her to deal some serious damage. Unfortunately Misha can die easily and if she does, you'll gain very little from Bestial Wrath. Unleash the Boars (R) - Unquestionably the best Ultimate for Rexxar, Unleash the Boars allows him to send our a herd of Boars at the enemy team. With a huge range and with one Boar per enemy in its radius, it will reveal and slow all enemies struct by 40% for 5 seconds. In a team fight, that's a lot of instant crowd control. 


Level 1: Block

Rexxar isn't particularly "tanky" so taking Block provides much needed survivability to Misha - it's a big help (it also means you heal her less.) Considering Block also reduces the damage you take by 75% as opposed to the previous 50% further improves her survivability. 

Variable: Flare is a good alternative if you need vision whilst in lane or during an objective heavy map. 

Level 4: Crippling Talon's 

Taking Flight means you can poke cheaply early game and poke much further. It's great when paired against someone like Zagara because it means you can harrass without having to over extend. Considering much of the Meta also revolves around poking and sustain, it's highly valuable.

Variable: Crippling Talon's allows you to slow enemies by 40% over 3 seconds - it is a significant boost to Spirit Swoop. It allows you to reliably hit your opponent but also aids Misha in getting to them. Best of all, it's invaluable for allowing your team to run people down.

Level 7: Aspect of the Beast

Misha's charge is a key skill as it allows you to interrupt multiple enemies at once. Having Misha's auto attacks reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds per basic attack, thanks to Aspect of the Beast, means you can use Misha, Charge! much more often. 

Level 10: Unleash the Boars

Unleash the Boars is incredibly potent but it's best used when there are multiple enemy Hero's in front of you. Its width and range is absolutely massive but it scales based on the number of Heroes. If there's only one enemy, only one boar will appear. The fact it reveals and slows make it great for pursuing enemies trying to escape. 

Level 13: Thrill of the Hunt

Both Rexxar and Misha aren't agile so taking Thrill of the Hunt to trigger 25% movement speed every time you use basic attacks is fairly significant. It prevents players escaping, allows you to move easier and escape if needed. 

Variable: Misha can often take a large amount of cleave damage from enemy Heroes such as Kael or Jaina (even Leoric) so it's important to keep her alive as much as possible. Barkskin reduces the damage she takes by 50% after you use Misha, Charge! meaning she can withstand more punishment when on the front lines.

Level 16: Aspect of the Hawk

Providing you with 100% attack speed for 3 seconds after landing Spirit Swoop, Aspect of the Hawk is a huge boost in damage output for Rexxar. It also means you can comfortably pressure squishy targets for a brief period while Misha stuns them. Considering Spirit Swoop only has a 7 second cooldown, it's fairly easy to maintain. 

Variable: Feign Death acts similarly to Ice Block in the sense that it allows Rexxar to become invulnerable for a period of time. During it you can control Misha allowing you to deal some extra damage whilst you by yourself some time. Just be aware that skilled players who are already pushing forwards will just wait for you to get back on your feet. 

Level 20: Kill Command

Boosting Rexxar's Ultimate ability so that they now deal 50% more damage is significant but it's the root for 1.5 seconds on Kill Command that makes it so valuable. Considering its range, it's amazing crowd control. 

Variable: Both Rexxar and Misha are pretty squishy. They really can't survive for long periods like Johanna or Muradin so taking Hardened Skin allows you both to withstand some punishment during late game. 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. Any Heroes that aren't on this list are easy pickings for Rexxar. If a Hero is listed here, take greater care.



Illidan: His mobility combined with his shielding/evasion make him a real nuisance. He can also use Misha as a means of escaping easily either if he extends too far towards you. 


Kerrigan: Her stun, pull and self shielding mean she can burn Misha down quickly and turn her attention to you. Be careful.


Murky: It might sound silly, but Murky is a nightmare. His movement, Bubble and health regen make him a real nuisance to fight against. 


Nova: She can nuke Misha down nearly instantly and turn her attention to you. If she takes Tripple Tap, you're in trouble. 


The Butcher: His health regeneration from Butcher's Brand combined with Lamb to the Slaughter mean he can tie you down and comfortably ignore Misha. 


Zeratul:  Similarly to Nova, his ability to burst from cloak means that at the very least you'll be without your bear (repeatedly). 


Tracer: Unsurprisingly she's an absolute nightmare. Her speed, Recall and Blink make it near impossible for Rexxar to reliably kill her. Fortunately if you do land a stun (you'll need some luck) she'll take serious damage. 9/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Rexxar play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. You must, must, must actively manage Misha through your trait. If you don't, she'll die far more than she should.

2. Misha's actions are linked to yours so if you're attacking someone and retreat (or turn away from your foe) Misha will come back to you. 

3. Remember to use Mend Pet slightly early to offset incoming damage otherwise Misha will die before the heal truly kicks in. 

4. Although you're a ranged warrior, it doesn't mean you can't still body block for your team. Make use of yours and Misha's size in small areas. 

5. Spirit Swoop combined with Misha, Charge! is a high amount of crowd control that can effect multiple enemies. Try to maximise their use during team fight by hitting more than one target. 

6. You should be capitalizing on the fact that Rexxar can comfortably secure any camp and boss at a very early stage. If you can, regularly sneak off and ninja steal a boss. 

7. Try to use Flare as often as possible to provide vision in locations that is needed. In heavily shrouded battlegrounds such as Dragon Shire, it's invaluable. 

8. Remember to use Feign Death to avoid big damage spikes or to buy you time whilst your allies come and help you. It's great at defending against Heroes such as Nova or Zeratul. 

9. Rexxar has very low health for a Warrior (750 in comparison to 1000 on Johanna) so try not to face tank - let Misha do that. It's only at late game do you get a reliable means of boosting your defence. 

10. Unleash the Boars followed by Flare is an amazing way of keeping track of Nova or Zeratul. Make sure your team uses it to hunt them. 

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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2016

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