Li Li is a ranged, support healer with multiple healing tools at her disposal.  She is squishy, but her incredible healing output makes her very hard to kill.  Although she lacks a true escape skill, she does have a variety of means to mitigate damage to herself or at the very least survive for a lengthy period of time. 

Unlike other support Heroes, Li Li's are "smart" based, meaning that when she uses her healing skills they'll automatically target and heal the lowest health player. Unlike other healers she also has an incredibly low cooldown on Healing Brew meaning she can continually top up the health of her team. The reason why I love Li Li so much is that her smart healing means she can continually deal damage rather than having to sit and heal - her Blinding Wind or Cloud Serpent actually allow her to go toe-to-toe with most enemy Heroes and she can quite comfortably solo the likes of Jaina or Kael'Thas. 

Despite that, she's not a highly favored Hero in the competitive scene but she's fantastic for climbing the ladders in Hero League. 

Guide Updated: 22 July 2016



Multiple healing options

She's very squishy 

Incredible in team fights thanks to her raw healing power 

She has little ability to burst heal 

She's fairly easy to play

Her only real Utility is from her blind 

Can provide good secondary damage thanks to her Blinding Wind and Cloud Serpent  

Needs a partner to really excel 

Her main heal is "smart" so doesn't require aiming 

She can't control where any of her attacks go besides her basic


Fast Feet (Trait) – Li Li may not have a traditional mobility skill, but gaining a 10% movement speed buff whenever you take damage, no matter how small, can be quite useful. During team fights you’ll often have this buff almost non-stop, making it easier to skirt around the action to make sure you’re supporting your allies effectively.

Healing Brew (Q)– This is an extremely potent heal, with an incredibly low cooldown and mana cost. Of course, the tradeoff is that it’s not exactly a targeted ability, with the nearby ally who has the lowest percentage of their maximum health automatically receiving the heal. This can be somewhat controlled with your own positioning to make sure you’re healing the right target, but be mindful of where you decide to go to avoid putting yourself in a bad spot just trying to heal the correct ally.

Cloud Serpent (W) – Since this ability is simply damage-oriented, it generally makes sense to place it on a friendly warrior, or whoever will be spending the most time right in the middle of the enemy team. If you take Kung Fu Hustle at level 20, the duration of the Serpent will be longer than the cooldown. When this happens, keep in mind an ally can only have one Serpent on them at a time, so you’ll likely want to choose a different target.

Blinding Winds (E) – You’ll want to use this as soon as it’s available whenever a fight breaks out, and it is particularly effective on Heroes that rely on their basic attacks. It can also be useful on map-specific threats, such as the Garden Terror or Dragon Knight. As with Healing Brew, you cannot choose your targets, so try to make sure you’ll be close to the correct targets without putting yourself in a terrible position.

Jug of 1,000 Cups (R) – This Heroic shares the same property as Healing Brew, as it will automatically heal a nearby ally who has the lowest percentage of their maximum health. The ability will change targets as allies become healed, and it provides an absolutely massive amount of healing. Keep in mind that there is a short delay from when you activate Jug of 1,000 Cups to when it gives out the first heal, so trying to heal an ally who’s about to die won’t work. It’s also important to note that this ability can be interrupted, so as with everything else, positioning is key.

Water Dragon (R) – If you’re the team’s primary healer, you’re going to need Jug of 1,000 cups to do your job effectively. However, in the event your team has enough healing elsewhere, the immense crowd control Water Dragon provides can be valuable. Also, Water Dragon cannot be interrupted, so if you believe you’ll never be able to channel the Jug for long, this could be the correct Heroic choice.


Level 1: Pro Toss

Perhaps not a common choice, but I take Pro Toss because it allows Li Li to stay well out of the way when she needs to heal. The 30% extra range also means that if one of your team over extends, you can still reach them without risking your own life. It's not a must-have talent, but it's reliable and allows you to heal allies in a pinch when you need to. 

Variable: Conjurer's Pursuit is a good alternative. Li Li is mana intensive when she's rattling through all her skills, so increasing your mana gain up to 3.00 per second is fairly good for sustain. 

Level 4: Mass Vortex

Li Li's blind is invaluable and it also deals reasonably high damage. Taking Mass Vortex so that it affects 4 people instead of 2. It's a huge boost to her ability to control a team fight and mitigate incoming damage while also dealing out plenty. 

Variable: Mending Serpent is good for Li Li if you're struggling to keep your team alive. When your dragon is attached to an ally, it'll heal them every time it attacks. It's effectively a mini heal over time. 

Level 7: The Good Stuff

Your heal just got a lot better thanks to The Good Stuff. It now provides a heal over time over six seconds, further strengthening your healing potential. 

Variable: Against a CC heavy team, take Cleanse. It'll save someone elses life - gaurenteed.

Level 10: Jug of 1,000 Cups

Your ultimate healing ability, Jug of 1,000 Cups is a powerful smart heal that heals a huge area. It'll continually heal the lowest health allies for its entire duration but it can be interrupted - be careful when using it. 

Variable: Against a melee heavy composition, it's often worth taking Water Dragon. The slow is invaluable and while you'll heal for less, Li Li can often out-put more healing with her basic abilities than others can with multiple. 

Level 13: Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray reduces an enemy Hero's damage and movement speed by 50% for four seconds.  It's an incredibly potent skill and you can take an enemy Hero out of the picture, but you need to choose well.  Reducing an assassin's damage makes great sense but casting this on a healer or tank usually isn't as smart unless you only need the slow portion. 

Level 16: Two For One

Two For One allows Li Li to cast two Healing Brew's at the same time. It gives you a slightly longer cooldown but it also massively increases your healing potential. It's a must considering that her heals cannot be targetted. 

Level 20: Kung Fu Hustle

You are almost always damaged and this talent turns that into a bonus, recharging your abilities three times as fast. Kung Fu Hustle is an absolutely must-have talent and it makes Li Li incredibly strong. If you're being attacked, you can effectively spam your skills. 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache.  I have left off the lowest threat Heroes.  



Illidan: He can kill you faster than you can heal.  If you are alone, you are dead.  


Kerrigan: She's an enormous threat as she can lock you down more than long enough to kill you near instantly. 


Nazeebo: His Zombie Wall followed up by Plague of Toads can be a problem. Don't get caught. 


Raynor: He can interrupt your Ultimate in team fights, deal huge basic attack damage from afar. Your blind is valuable,


Stitches: The hook interrupts you and if he eats you then you're out of the fight until he barfs you back up.   He's a damn nuisance in the right hands. 


Thrall: A good Thrall player will heal himself just about fast as you heal and his damage is excellent.   One on one he has you, but in a team fight you should be OK.


Tyrande: She can stun and hunter's mark can make your life miserable.  On her own she isn't a big threat, but she can make her team into an enormous problem.


Valla: Her damage output is superb and in a one vs one situation you are probably dead, regardless of your ability to blind. 


Zeraltul: If you are low health and he initiates, you are dead. If full health, you're still going to take a ton of damage. 


Tracer: Simply because of her mobility, although you can blind her it won't last for long. She can bait it, dive back in and take you down.  8/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Li Li play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Remember to keep attacking the bad guys. Your heal is "smart", so mash Q and target the red team. 

2. Save your Ultimate for a time when you know you can't be interrupted.  Blowing it early is just asking an enemy to interrupt you. 

3. Keep the Serpent up as much as possible when in fights: don't underestimate the added damage and healing. 

4. Try to position yourself so that your Blind hits the high attack speed / high damage enemies. 

5. Remember that the Serpent only heals if it is attacking: get yourself in attack range and place it on a team mate that is in the fray.  

6. Li Li's ultimate heal is great, but it can't sustain someone who's being focused and low health. If you can, try to use it when your allies are half health. 

7. Be sure to position yourself so that you can still constantly deal damage. You should be near the front - not at the front. 

8. If against a dive heavy composition, save Blinding Wind until they're attacking you or a high value target. 

9. Always add your Cloud Serpent up on your primary damage dealer - melee Heroes work best. 

10. Li Li cannot heal someone who is being focused unless they're the lowest health Hero near her. Factor this in - Li Li works best with an aggresive team that dictates play, rather that you being dictated to. 

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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2016

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