Qhira is a potent melee Assassin that's fairly unique. Her kit, while offering mobility through her Grappling Hook, she also makes use of damage over time effects, thanks to Carnage and Blood Rage. I'd consider that Qhira has a fairly high skill ceiling, as her need to bounce between terrain - combined with the fairly lengthy cooldown on Grappling Hook - makes her high risk, high reward. She can trade effectively against most squishy Heroes, and can burst with high damage thanks to Final Strike. 

Updated: 15 October 2019



Good mobility

Little mobility outside of Grappling Hook

Her Heroic, Final Strike, deals massive damage

Affecting multiple enemies with Blood Rage is key for sustain
Solid stun in Revolving Sweep

Revolving Sweep has a lengthy cooldown

Reasonable sustain in Blood Rage

Fairly high skill ceiling

A lot of fun to play Unrelenting Strikes is a bit...meh



Grappling Hook (Trait) – Your only form of mobility, Grappling Hook is a lengthy cooldown Trait that allows you to attach yourself to any scenary. Its cooldown is lengthy, but when landed against a player, ensures immediate arrival at them. It's important as Qhira to balance using this to engage, or when to retreat. Ideally, you want to be landing your Grappling Hook against squishy targets, to pressure them quickly. 



Carnage (Q) – Your only ranged attack, its radius is wide, cooldown short, and damage high. It's your primary - and only - means of poke. Use it as often as possible until there's an opening to dive, and use your Trait to do so. Just be conscious that you can't move while using Carnage, and it leaves you exposed. 


Blood Rage (W) – Allowing Qhira to stack against enemies, it can be applied up to 5 times through basics and abilities. Activating the ability allows her to deal additional damage, and heal based on her stacks. If you're up to maximum stacks on multiple foes, the sustain is significant. It gives Qhira a strong advantage 1 on 1, and allows her to go toe-to-toe with Heroes such as Sonya. 


Revolving Sweep (E) – A pretty crazy ability that provides a stun, damage immunity and mobility, its cooldown reflects its value. Whether engaging or escaping, it's amazing at allowing Qhira to cause havoc. It's effectively a one-two punch, with two opportunities to stun, and still a means to escape if your Trait is active. Use it wisely: if Revolving Sweep and Grappling Hook are on cooldown, you're in trouble if focused. 

Unrelenting Strikes (R) – A valuable Heroic that allows you to continue to move while damaging those around you, while stunning on expiration (briefly). You don't move any quicker during its cast, and you can be stunned, but used at the right time in a close quarter environment, its damage can be significant. 


Final Strike (R) – My preferred Heroic for Qhira, FInal Strike deals massive damage - even more when enemies are low - and is brilliant for finishing off multiple weak enemies quickly. Considering Heroes of the Storm is all about burst, it's often the way to go during the mid to end of a team fight. 


Level 1: Fatal Wounds

Fatal Wounds is the first of several Talents that builds on Qhira's ability to bleed enemies. Increasing her bleed damage by 50% to enemies with 5 stacks and below 50% health (fairly easy to do),  Fatal Wounds also has a quest to further bolster its potential, allowing you to increase its bleed duration by 2 seconds. 

Level 4: Upstage

Upstage is fairly straight forward, and allows Qhira to avoid incoming basic attacks for 4 seconds if she damages 2 enemies with Blood Rage. Amazing mitigating when it's maintained.

Level 7: Healmonger

Healmonger builds on Fatal Wounds, and grants Qhira additional healing when she harms an enemy below 50% health with Blood Rage. Super easy to achieve, and it provides even greater sustain. 

Level 10: Final Strike

Final Strike is a no-brainer. It's a massive burst, telegraphed Heroic that can kill multiple enemies quickly, the moment they reach low health. It also has a fairly low cooldown, so can be used often. 

Level 13: Chainsaw

Chainsaw allows Carnage to regenerate 100% faster when an enemy has 5 bleed stacks. Ridiculously easy to maintain, massively helps your poke, and your damage. 

Level 16: Swing Life Away

Providing even greater mitigation, and building on Upstage, Swing Life Away lets Qhira reduce the cooldown of Revolving Sweep by 150% and grants 50 Spell Armor for 2 seconds when it's reactivated. 

Level 20: Unleashed Potential

Unleashed Potential is ridiculously strong, as it boosts your bonus damage on your Heroic from 25% to 50%, when enemies are below half health. Not only that, but if you kill someone with it (within 1.5 seconds) all your abilities - including your Heroic - reset. It's snowball heaven. 

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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019

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