Diablo is a powerful warrior that's incredibly good at initiating a team fight. With access to two stuns, life siphoning and a Trait that reduces his death timer, he remains a real threat throughout the course of any match. Unlike Muradin or Johanna, he lacks the base health to stay in fights for a long period of time. However, he has the ability to control an encounter due to Overpower (which flips an enemy over his head) or Shadow Charge, which can often result in enemies running away. Key to successful Diablo play is to know when to engage and when to retreat.

Guide Updated: 14 September 2017



Quick resurrection due to his Black Soulstone Trait 

He has absolutely no mobility unless he uses Shadow Charge

He has two powerful stuns that can disrupt enemy Heroes 

Low base health for a tank and so he relies heavily on talent upgrades to improve this 

He has easy initiation that's very strong in the right hands

If he's caught out of position, he has no real means of escaping 

Fantastic at body-blocking

Apocalypse is vastly superior to Lightning Breath


Black Soulstone (Trait) – Collecting souls will help Diablo become naturally tanky thanks to it providing incremental increases to his health. As a front-liner, this is undeniably important. The ability to quickly resurrect if you’re holding the maximum of 100 souls means death is much less punishing, but keep in mind that souls are consumed once this occurs. This means you’ll need to begin stacking souls again once you’re resurrected and if you die without the maximum stacks, you'll suffer a full penalty to respawn. Be sure to always acquire 100 souls as quickly as possible before diving into any team fight. 

Shadow Charge (Q) – There might be few things scarier than seeing a Lord of Terror rushing at you. Although it used to stun by default, Shadow Charge now only knocks a player back and provides Resistant (reducing all incoming damage by 25%). If Diablo knocks an enemy into terrain, they are stunned for 1 second. If used correctly, it's an incredibly powerful ability that not only allows you to pick out a key target, but if combined with the stun can offer an invaluable window of opportunity for your team to follow up. 

Fire Stomp (W) – With a manageable mana cost and low cooldown, you’ll likely end up using Fire Stomp quite often. It can help clear waves, but more importantly, puts out moderate damage once you find yourself in the middle of the enemy team during a fight. What's particularly interesting about Fire Stomp is that after the initial wave, the flames will return to Diablo dealing additional (and slightly higher damage). This ability might be straightforward but it can comfortably pressure a team once you're amongst them and also offers good wave clear. 

Overpower (E) – Diablo is all about being a warrior and providing utility for his team: Overpower fits that theme. This will re-position your target behind you, as well as stun them briefly. This can also interrupt channels, but will often be used to isolate an enemy for your team to burst down. It’s also no coincidence that the cooldown is the same as Shadow Charge; the two combo together perfectly. If you can, try to walk into a player, use Overpower and then Shadow Charge against them to knock them back from their team (or into terrain). 

Apocalypse (R) – A global stun on the entire enemy team can ensure a successful team fight when timed properly. The damage isn’t incredibly high, but not inconsequential either. Due to the long cooldown, you’ll want to avoid using this just to catch out one foe, unless that kill can be game-changing. There is a delay to allow enemies time to react, but in a chaotic fight, Apocalypse is undeniably strong especially if the enemy team is grouped together. 

Lightning Breath (R) – This is one of the signature abilities from the Diablo franchise, and can pack quite a punch if you’re able to get off the full channel. With that said, Diablo is more focused on utility and causing chaos, both of which are offered by his other Heroic option. If your team has a lot of utility and an additional warrior, Lightning Breath can be a brilliant option. 


Level 1: Bulwark

Diablo is always going to be vulable if he's the lone warrior so increasing his Resistant on Shadow Charge from 2 seconds to 5 seconds, thanks to Bulwark, is a must-have talent. It's a considerably lengthy period of time to mitigate all incoming damage and provides some much needed survivability. 

Level 4: From the Shadows

I love From the Shadows and consider it one of Diablo's best talents. Increasing the range of Shadow Charge by 33% is huge and increasing the stun duration if you knock enemies against terrain by 0.5 seconds is significant. What I will add is that this range increase allows Diablo to remain further back, without the need to be at the front of his team. It also ensures that the enemy team may think they're safe, when Diablo can comfortably reach them for a pick. 

Variable: For greater single target utility, take Demonic Strength. Anyone caught by Overpower will be slowed by 30% for 3 seconds. It's invaluable for ensuring anyone you catch can't get away easily. 

Level 7: Soul Shield

Soul Shield reduces the ability damage he takes by 0.35% per Soul he is carrying. At 100 Souls (to trigger his Trait) that's ability damage reduction of 35% and one that stacks with your Resistant from Shadow Charge. 

Level 10: Apocalypse

The AOE stun afforded by Apocalypse is an absolute game changer and will carry just about any team to victory. Once a fight starts, the moment you drop that it's pretty much game over if you've a ranged assassin to follow up. 

Variable: At times Lightning Breath is much stronger than Apocolypse. Apocolypse only works if players are grouped together as it's easily avoided otherwise. Lightning Breath on the other hand allows for Diablo to deal huge damage but also provides area denial. With the two warrior Meta we're currently seeing, he can afford to take this damage skill. 

Level 13: Fire Devil

Fire Devil is an aggresive talent that allows Diablo to boost his basic attack damage by 25% for 6 seconds when he uses Fire Stomp. It also provides a damage over time effect around Diablo that causes additional damage to those near him. Considering the duration lasts 6 seconds, and if you're in amongst the enemy team, it's a considerable increase to your damage potential. 

Level 16: Domination

Reducing the cooldown of Overpower allows you to cause significant misery on opponents. You can Overpower > Shadow Charge > Overpower for a huge amount of misery. Domination is amazing.

Level 20: Hellgate

Diablo lacks mobility outside of his Shadow Charge so taking Hellgate not only provides an instant teleport but also places a Rune on the floor that detonates after 1.75 seconds, stunning anyone caught in it. Whether you use Hellgate to escape, or engage aggresively it's a brilliant talent for zoning and/or chaining stuns together. 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. For the Heroes listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Diablo. 



Brightwing: Polymorph is a nuisance and although she won't kill you, it does disrupt your play significantly.   


E.T.C.: A real threat due to his Moshpit, knockbacks and general disruption, he's a nuisance. 


Falstad: His mobility and damage can be a headache to deal with and if skilled, you'll rarely catch him. 


Nazeebo: He can zone you out and his ranged damage is hard to deal with. A well skilled Nazeebo will comfortably kite you all day long. 


Thrall: His self healing and damage gives him an advantage 1 v 1, especially now that scaling has been adjusted. Beware.  


Valla: Sustained ranged damage and a great escape.  She will eat away your health in most situations. She's only really vulnerable when she has no Vault.  


The Butcher: His self healing, slow and Lamb to the Slaughter can ruin your play. Be very wary if he's on the enemy team. 


Tychus: His mobility, trait and overall damage allow Tychus to quickly rip through Diablo regardless of how many Soul Stones he has available.  8/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Diablo play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Overpower can throw enemies over your gates to almost certain death during early levels.  

2. Overpower plus Charge can push an enemy deep into your team - it's the most common combination for zoning out an enemy player.

3. Use your survivability to body block squishy allies. Diablo is particularly "tanky" late game when team fighting. 

4. If you take it, try to always use Lightning Breath in a team fight when a group of enemies are gathered together. It'll deal maximum damage. 

5. Even though you're a warrior, Diablo is only "tanky" if he's accompanied by a Support and his team. You're vulnerable by yourself. 

6. Try to always ensure you have 100 Souls so that if you do die, you can get back into the fight quickly. 

7. Be sure to use Overpower > Shadow Charge against squishy targets such as Jaina or Kael. They'll take heavy damage and it will allow your team to finish them off. 

8. Use Apocalypse when the enemy team are grouped together so that they panic and/or have few ways to escape safely.

9. Diablo excels on Battlegrounds where fights occur in close quarters. Not only does this allow Apocalypse to cause maximum havoc, but also allows you to follow up with Hellgate and Fire Stomp. 

10. Try to always walk up to enemy players and open with Overpower. You can then knock them away with Shadow Charge. You'll need to use line of sight - grasses and vents - to truly get the most from this method. 

11. It's often worth backing off when Shadow Charge and/or Overpower are on cooldown. Without both available Diablo isn't as much of a threat. 

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Last Updated: Sep 14, 2017

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