Lt. Morales is a powerful support Hero that's capable of shielding allies, healing a single target for large amounts but also providing some utility through her grenade and Dropship.

Her Displacement Grenade is invaluable at peeling for your allies, Safeguard amazing for avoiding a spike and her Healing Beam can keep most targets alive when focused. Although she lacks AOE healing potential, she makes up for this later game with talents that bolster her single target output or which allow her to cast Safeguard twice. 

Lt. Morales has no mobility and her damage is also very poor. On that basis she relies almost entirely on a strong front line to protect her. If she gets it however, she's incredibly difficult to bring down and she can comfortably heal to her hearts content. 

Guide Updated: 15 July 2016



Unrivalled single target healing 

Struggles to heal a large group of players 

Able to mitigate damage through the use of Safeguard 

Relies heavily on her Displacement Grenade when escaping 

Her Displacement Grenade is great offensively and defensively 

Safeguard doesn't protect players for long 

Medivac Dropshop is an amazing ability that allows your team to quickly travel the battelground 

Has no mobility so can be vulnerable if she overextends 


Cadeceus Reactor (Trait) - allows Lt. Morales to regenerate health when she's out of combat. It's particularly good because the regeneration amount is based on your maximum health, not your current. It generally helps you to stay in lane much longer - never a bad thing. Just be sure to always stay behind your team so that you don't take damage and if you do, back off to allow Cadeceus Reactor to reigger again. The cooldown is 4 seconds after taking damage so if you can avoid fire for the period, you'll quickly regain your health. 

Healing Beam (Q) - is your primary and only means of healing your allies. The healing amount is high, but you can only heal a single target at any one time. You also need to use the ability again to switch targets or to cancel it. Be sure to focus on an ally who is under heavy fire, or soon to be, because it heals in ticks. If you want to cancel the beam, just target yourself so that you don't waste your mana. 

Safeguard (W) - As your only means of mitigating damage from enemies, Safeguard is invaluable. On a lengthy cooldown at 15 seconds, it reduces all incoming damage from all sources by 25% (by providing 25 armor). This is fairly significant and when combined with your healing beam, allows you to sustain someone much easier. Despite its potency, it doesn't last long and should only be used to prevent a spike against an ally, or when they're diving deep to attack an enemy. It should be noted that you can cast Safeguard on yourself which is often mandatory when you're under attack from the likes of Illidan or Greymane. 

Displacement Grenade (E) is invaluable at disrupting enemies or killing someone who is running away. It's knock back is amazing at preventing an objective capture, but it's also incredibly useful for allowing you to escape. Don't waste it and be sure to use it to peel any allies who are being focused. It's important to note that your grenade will only detonate at maximum range and can travel through enemy players - it's down to you to detonate it early, when you need it. 

Stim Drone (Heroic) - is amazing if you're with a particularly melee or basic attack (ranged) heavy composition. Giving 75% attack speed and 25% movement speed to Illidan or The Butcher is outrageous and allows them to blow up almost anyone. It also works really well with ranged Heroes such as Tychus or Raynor. Be aware that Stim Drone has a very short cast time and you can be interrupted before it's activated. 

Medivac Dropship (Heroic) - It isn't a common pick, but as Battlegrounds get larger Medivac still has value. Although the craft can be destroyed, it's often a gaurenteed escape for Morales and allows your team to snowball fairly easily. Wiped the enemy team? Zip to a boss. Need to quickly take a structure? Hop in the Dropship. Need to get everyone quickly to an Objective? Call your Medivac.


Level 1: Trauma Trigger

In all honesty, most of the level 1 talents are good but Trauma Trigger just steals it by a whisker. Having the ability to gain a free Safeguard when you're below 50% health is invaluable at prolonging your life. Considering the amount of pressure Lt. Morales is often under, it's too good to pass up. 

Variable: On Objective heavy Battlegrounds that require a great deal of sustain, Feedback Loop is brilliant. It refunds 45 mana every time you use Safeguard, effectively reducing its cost to 15. Early game, it's fantastic for staying in a fight longer. 

Level 4: Advanced Block

Advanced Block is a good talent if you're against just about any composition. Stroring 3 charges and replenishing every 5 seconds, you gain 50% damage mitigation against the next basic attack. It's brilliant and provides much needed survivability if Safeguard is on cooldown. 

Level 7: Cleanse

A must-have for any Support Hero, Cleanse instantly removes any crowd control from a player, making them Unstoppable for 1 second. Regardless of the team you're against, you should always, always have it. 

Level 10: Stim Drone

Purely because of the potential damage bonus it offers, whether you're in a melee or ranged heavy composition, casting Stim Drone on your highest damaging hero will ensure they can cause huge problems near instantly. Whether it's Valla, Butcher, Varian - it doesn't matter as long as they're basic attack based. 

Variable: An incredibly strong Heroic, Medivac Dropship allows Lt. Morales to call down a ship. Allies can then step inside and she can command it to touch down anywhere she wishes. It's incredibly useful at quickly moving your entire team or a small group around the map and considering the size of maps in Heroes Of The Storm have continued to grow in size, its use is even more important. Particularly of value on very large Battlegrounds.

Level 13: Couple's Therapy

This isn't a neccesary talent, but it's probably the best of the lot. Considering Lt. Morales can't heal herself unless she's out of combat, Couple's Therapy allows her to gain a proportion of the healing she gives from Healing Beam, back to herself. As long as she's healing someone, she's healing herself. She only receives 25% of the health returned, but it absolutely will keep you alive under pressure. 

Variable: If you've taken Advanced Block, Spell Shield is a good variable further providing you with more personal defence against abilities rather than basic attacks. 

Level 16: Shield Sequencer 

Being able to cast Safeguard twice in succession is amazing at allowing your team to reduce the damage it takes, especially in team fights or when a scrum ensues. The fact the second shield is free is also a big bonus. Shield Sequencer is very, very good. 

Variables: Both the grenade options here are fantastic and really open up different play for Lt. Morales. Take System Shock if you're wanting to allow your team an easier time of chasing people down or take Second Opinion for two grenades. This talent is particularly strong in all areas as it allows for damage twice and knockback twice - it's my most used at the moment.

Level 20: Cadeceus Reactor 2.0

There's no question that this is a must for Lt. Morales. She's mana intensive during most of the game and Cadeceus Reactor not only removes any mana worries, but also provides a stackable shield that gives Lt. Morales so much more survivability (especially because the shield stacks 5 times). If you do take damage, just back off a little and let your shield replenish.


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes as Lt. Morales can give you a headache. In all honesty, she can struggle in many 1 on 1 scenarios because outside of her Displacement Grenade she has no mobility, stuns or means of quickly escaping. Even her trait won't save her as the health regeneration on starts when you've been out of combat for 4 seconds. You should do your very best to avoid the below Heroes or keep them as far away from you as possible. 



Illidan: His mobility and evades make him a challenge for Lt. Morales. His damage and if he uses an elite will also leave you in trouble. If you miss your grenade, it's as good as over. 


Kerrigan: Staying out of her range is important because if she catches you with Primal Grasp > Impaling Blades you're going to take a huge amount of damage. 


Murky: His Slime, Safety Bubble, basic attacks and constant harrassment can make life miserable. 


Nova: Nova loves to target Lt. Morales.  If you are not full health and you are alone, you are in jeopardy. Try to always stay near allies and keep your grenade ready to disrupt her. 


The Butcher: His charge, Lamb to the Slaughter or self heal can rip you up in seconds. Even if you grenade him, a good Butcher will have saved his Lamb to the Slaughter to ensure he can finish you off. Keep your distance!


Thrall: If he gets the drop on you with his root, you're going to take huge damage. Fortunately even if you are rooted, you can then Displacement Grenade on him. Just be sure not to miss and if low, remember his Chain Lightning has good range that can finish you off. 


Valla: Her Vault makes her tough to land your Displacement Grenade and her sustain damage can cause real problems, especially with the extended reach of Hunger Arrow. Fortunately she's squishy so if she gets caught in your grenade, she'll take some damage and it'll buy you time to run. 


Zeratul: He is much like Nova, only he kills you quicker. Be nervous if he's in the enemy team. 


Tracer: You literally can't do anything to her besides cast your Safeguard and walk back to base in the hopes of reaching a keep.  10/10

Lunara: Her ranged poke, mobility and Thornwood Vine can make life very difficult for you. She'll regularly prevent your trait from activating and stretch your healing to its limit. 

Valeera: Just like Nova or Zeratul, she can lock you down and kill you near instantly.  10/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Lt. Morales play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Lt. Morales is a pure healer - she really has no means of killing opponents unless they're low health and you can land a perfect grenade. Stay with your allies and heal. Often.

2. Your grenade is your primary means of esaping because it interrupts and knocks back. Use this when you're being chased, just be sure not to miss. 

3. All your healing comes from your Healing Beam. You need to use this skill again to change targets and you should do this regularly based on who is taking damage. 

4. Safeguard only lasts 3 seconds so you need to ensure you use it just before your team mate is spiked or the moment they are. 

5. You can prime Medivac Dropship so that it lands ready. It's incredibly useful to place it near where a team fight will happen so that if you need to escape, your team can run to the Dropship.

6. Lt. Morales is very mana intensive - try to only heal when neccesary and hurry to level 20. 

7. Try to always use your Displacement Grenade against key enemy targets to protect your team or to disrupt objectives being interacted with.

8. As Lt. Morales has no real means of escaping if she doesn't have her grenade. It's really important that you position yourself on the edge of any fight so you can retreat quickly. Always be aware of an exit.

9. It's best to have two warriors with Lt. Morales as they can comfortably peel and protect for her. 

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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2017

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