• Greymane excels at pressuring enemies in Human form before finishing them off with Worgen form. Worgen form is not always needed and can often lead to your death if you dive too deep. Don't E in unless it is nessessary or you are certain enemies cannot get a return kill on you.
  • Greymane hits very hard while in Worgen form. Use this to burn buildings or map objectives such as the Immortals on Battlefield of Eternity. Greymane outpushes most heroes if left alone.
  • Go for the Throat can be a very powerful tool for executing enemeis that are low, but it can also be used to dodge enemy CC since you are unstoppable during the Go for the Throat dash. It is hard to time correctly but can allow you to play much more aggressively.


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Last Updated: Aug 28, 2018

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