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For a temporary time, Blizzard will be offering free server transfers for extra World of Warcraft servers to help ease their overpopulation and aid in balancing the fight between Horde and Alliance. The recent server additions cover PvE and RP servers. This compliments the recent free PvP server transfers offered.

This thread will contain information on the free character moves to and from PvE and RP realms we currently have available to assist in population dispersal. In the event that these realms meet our transfer goals before the scheduled end date, the transfers to these realms will be disabled. We highly recommend that if you are planning to transfer that you do so at your earliest convenience. No characters will be eligible for these free moves once the transfers have been closed.

You can begin your transfer by visiting the Character Move page located here: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/account/character-move.html

These free characters moves are being offered to brand new realms. Players on the realms listed below have the option of moving characters to Winterhoof (PvE) or Wyrmrest Accord (RPPvE). Both realms belong to the Emberstorm battlegroup and are in the central timezone.

Please note that the RP rule set applies to Wyrmrest Accord and will be enforced. Only players who are interested in a role-play environment are encouraged to move to this realm. For more information on RP policies, please refer to the following: http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?articleId=20458

These transfers are scheduled to close on Friday, January 23, at 9:00 pm PST provided our transfer goals are not reached prior to this time.


Aggramar (Alliance Transfers Only)
Alleria (Alliance Transfers Only)
Area 52
Argent Dawn
Cenarion Circle
Earthen Ring
Emerald Dream
Garona (Alliance Transfers Only)
Garrosh (Free Moves to Wyrmrest Accord Only)
Moon Guard
Twisting Nether

Winterhoof (PvE)
Wyrmrest Accord (RPPvE)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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