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In the beginning there was the Blizzard
Store. Inside this virtual realm of goods, Blizzard fans could find a
host of memorabilia including games, clothing, books, and more all
based on the universes of Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft. Then came
World of Warcraft and a whole slew of new items came rushing into the
store. Virtual pets, mounts and other intangible items only available
to players inside the game all quickly became hot items.

Recently, Blizzard poster Bashiok, made
a blog post announcing the arrival of exciting new World of Warcraft
based items. These items, when purchased, will exist for the player
only in the virtual world, which comes as no surprise anymore.
However, the nature of these items may manage to raise some eyebrows,
as they are all cosmetic in nature Learn more about the new items
found in the Blizzard store below:

Blizzard Store Cosmetic Helms

The first items announced are a trio of
cosmetic helms specifically designed for Transmogrification purposes.
In other words, these helms have no stats, no race or class
restrictions and is intended for players to buy to enhance their
character's appearance. The helms also work with any and all armor
types making them very versatile pieces.

One of these helms sports a set of
fiery, devilish horns, another an menacing, icy skull that totally
hides the player's face, while the final helm takes the form of a
glowing black and red hood complete with ominous glowing eyes. With
these helms players can hopefully find a headpiece that they truly
enjoy and finally find that perfect helm to complete their ensemble.
These helms come equipped with vivid spell effects that set them
apart from other helms and will certainly turn some in-game heads.

This announcement of purely cosmetic
items for sale will probably enrage some, likely to be the same
players who were none to happy when other virtual items made their
appearance. With that being said, Blizzard claims on their blog that
players have long been asking for purchasable pieces for
Transmogrification. Whether these new additions to the Blizzard Store
will ultimately be embraced or shunned by the World of Warcraft
community remains to be seen.

Check out the trio of helms in the
images below or head on over to the Blizzard store and see them
there! Will these beauties cause you to think about unchecking the
“Hide Helm” button?

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Limited-Use Items

The second set of items fans can expect
to see debuting in the Blizzard Store is a set of limited-use items.
These items are reminiscent of the fun and ever popular items that
can be earned by collecting cards from World of Warcraft Trading Card
Game. These types of items will now be found inside the pet store.

Currently, Blizzard has offered up two
ridiculously adorable toys for purchase; the Seesaw and the Hitching
Post. With the Seesaw you and a party member can mount up and enjoy
the childhood memories of happily trying to dislodge your friend from
their seat by slamming them into the ground. Or if you so choose you
can summon Lunk the Ogre to happily launch your friend into the air.

The Iron Hitching Post is fun, but a
slightly different type of fun than the Seesaw. When placed on the
ground the Hitching Post will allow you, and up to 24 of your friends
to jump on their own Iron Warhorse mount. Pretty cool huh? While
getting as many players as possible to take part in this is ideal,
the Hitching Post can be used for smaller groups as well. The best
part about this item is that it can be used inside Battlegrounds.
This means that you and your cohorts can strike fear into the hearts
of your enemies by launching an assault from the backs of ghostly,
galloping steeds. Remember, as cool as these items are, they are
intended for enjoyment only and will offer the player no real in game
advantages. Currently, the Seesaw and Hitching Post are not available
for purchase in the Blizzard Store, however, we can assume that they
will be up and ready for enjoyment in the very near future.

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I for one, am unsure if I will purchase
any of these new items. However, my personal motto is to never say
never to anything. This is especially true as somehow I have managed
to validate purchasing several Blizzard Store pets as well as a
mount. How do you feel about the new items being introduced into the
Blizzard Store? Will you be purchasing them? What types of items
would you like to see made available in the future? Please share your
thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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