It's not uncommon for game industry insiders to vent their frustrations over the Internet, but a recent blog by a person claiming to work for BioWare Mythic caught our attention today. The poster, referred to as EA Louse, claims to be a current employee of BioWare Mythic. The person in question chose to vent about some dramatic events that occurred within EA, BioWare and the now merged BioWare Mythic after learning that they will be part of a layoff presumably coming to EA next month. What followed was a rather interesting read.

EA Louse goes into detail about events behind the scenes over at Mythic before the BioWare merger and takes a few shots at people like Jeff Hickman, Paul Barnett and Rob Denton. EA Louse then claims that Denton was in charge of the Warhammer Online project and even at one point accuses Mark Jacobs's old partners of getting him ousted so that they could split his salary.

And yet, this is common gossip in the company, and nobody in this industry seems to get it. So get it! Rob was responsible for the entire project, then blamed Mark when things went wrong.

Louse didn't stop there as he (she?) goes on to delve into Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), claiming that EA has invested over $300 million in the project. The blog contains a few shots at SWTOR as well, but Louse continues to answer questions from posters in the blog's thread, so if you have one fire it out there and see if you get an answer.

Thanks to Annatar, Sir Robin and Medawky for the catch

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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