This page will always show the latest Breach Creature and Veil DemonTier List, and is designed to rank Creatures and Veil Demons in terms of their strength in the current meta. Although some Creatures and Veil Demon are considered niche or balanced, those that aren't Tier S or A shouldn't be considered poor. While any mission can be won with any Creature and Veil Demon composition, this list is designed to present you with the strongest.

Updated: 14 January 2019

Class Tier List

Tier List Descriptors 


Tier S+ - Greatly Overpowered. These Creatures/Veil Demon are undeniably too strong and can be placed in any composition and succeed.

Tier S - Overpowered. Creatures/Veil Demons which are often first pick material and are considered top tier. 

Tier A+ - Slightly Overpowered. Just above the point balance, these Creatures/Veil Demons should see only minor changes.

Tier A - Balanced. These Creatures/Veil Demons should see few if any changes.  

Tier B - Slightly Underpowered. These Creatures/Veil Demons are mission specific or require a highly skilled individual to to get the most out of them. 

Not Viable

Tier C - Underpowered. Considered weak, compositions generally need to be built around a Creatures/Veil Demons in this pool. 

Tier D Greatly Underpowered. These Creatures/Veil Demons are poor and should be avoided. 

Tier List Movement ⬆⬇

Added all Creatures/Veil Demons to the Tier List, including descriptions. Expect plenty of movement during Early Access!

S+ Tier

No Creatures/Veil Demons are currently considered S+ Tier.

S Tier

A+ Tier

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

D Tier

"No Classes are currently considered D Tier."

Creature/Veil Demon Descriptions and Quick Search Table

S Tier

Anubis: Undoubtedly the most potent Assassin, Anubis has the ability to bolster its own damage, while mummifying targets caught by Scarab Mound (Soul Blast against an affected target causes a stun). It makes for a potent kit that can pressure any team quickly. 

A+ Tier

Kikimora Night Hag: *Description Coming Soon*

Sobek: A combination of control and utility, Sobek (Warrior) is incredibly potent at pressuring and surviving. Maim provides control, while Rip Current offers sustain; Reel In allows him to target low health opponents, and displace them. 
Soul Fiend: Soul Fiend has a lot of flexibility, with the ability to stealth, shield and gain bonus damage based on posession. It can be significant for coordinated attacks, especially when utilising the immunity afforded by Grael Heart.
Veil Shifter: My favorite Veil Demon, Veil Shifter has lots of utilities that can limit Class damage. The ability to blind, block ranged projectiles, and deal AOE damage through Cerberus Core, makes it incredibly potent. 

A Tier

Bastet: Pushing for A+ Tier, Bastet is incredibly potent in skilled hands. With the ability to stealth, Bastet can isolate targets and cut through multiple enemies quickly. If left unattended, she can quickly cause huge problems for a backline. 
Chaos Weaver: Revolving around traps (Breach) the Chaos Weaver needs a lot of forward planning, but can be incredibly oppressive, especially if the Breach charges are repeatedly triggered. 
Dark Artificer: Utilising totems and descrutable objects to hinder and slow opponents, I've found the Dark Artificer is often stronger at simply slowing down opponents than gaurenteeing corpses. Despite that, Dark Artificer is on a par with Chaos Weaver simply because they have a similar end result. 
Feral Buta: The stun from Terrify is fantastic, while the teleport and damage potency of Veil Shift is significant. The first Creature I ever played, and one that's a good safe (balanced) pick. 
Komainu Juggernaut: He might be ugly, but he's great for disrupting opponents and buying time. A well timed Downtrod is fantastic, while Juggernaut Smash can be ridiculously strong in a confined space. 
Kikimora Fiend: Without doubt my favorite Creature, she brings a great deal of nuisance and sustain. The ability to entrance an enemy with Bewitch, combined with the potency of Fell Swoops damage, and the healing of Rotten Egg makes her a well balanced draft.
Stone Togor: Massive spike potential, thanks to Petrify and Overhand, but skilled players who're on their toes can avoid it. 

B Tier

Manhunter Buta: Despite the damage potential, Manhunter Buta is limited by the fact he (it?) is fairly easy to gun down. If he manages to reach opponents, he can cause problems, but it's often short-lived.

Taskmaster: A Veil Demon I've often played, but had limited success with. The potential is undoubtedly there, but his kit is complex, with a high skill ceiling. With lengthy cooldowns, an incorrect ability cast at the wrong time can be punishing. That said, the ability to Command enemies, and grant bonus damage, provides for some high-pressure focus potential. 
Horas: A Support that doesn't do a huge deal, but does protect a fight. Wind's Breath provides sustain for allies, while Eye of Horus further amplifies the protections of those affected by the damage shield. Overall, limited in his kit and - arguably - due for C Tier.

C Tier

Komainu Annihilator: The weaker variant of Foo Dog Juggernaut, Annihilator is simply pushed out by his ugly brother. 

Worldshaper: Purely because he has to ensure his Breach traps are triggered to make use of Hasten Death, Worldshaper's potential is limited. Considering his Breach's also have fairly lengthy cooldowns, failing one - or having them avoided - is punishing. 

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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019

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