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Call of Duty Betting Guide for 2021

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Esports betting has become quite popular over the past few years, and more esports events are held on an annual basis. One of the most popular competitive games out there is definitely Call of Duty. It is a franchise that has been around for a long time, and even today it is setting record selling numbers with every new release.  As a result COD esports competitions get a lot of coverage and betting on COD is quite common among the fans.

In case you’re an esports fan and didn’t have the opportunity to bet on any of your favorite games, make sure to stick around. Since this is one of the activities that involve real money, it’s within your best interest to do it right and not make unnecessary mistakes. We’ll go over some of the basic guidelines for Call of Duty betting that you might find useful. 

Learn About Competitors

If you play COD but are not familiar with the current esports scene, then it would be useful to learn more about the teams that are competing. Betting on matches is really just a small part of the entire esports COD betting. With the Call of Duty league that started in 2020 the whole system became significantly larger. Furthermore, the latest patch that was released broke the record in terms of most downloads per day. So, there is a lot of catching up for those who are just casual players.

You can start by reading about the players online, and see if any of them are actively streaming their gameplay, just so you can get a sense of how good they are. Moreover, see if there are any recent videos of how they play or how the team plays as a whole. Finally, make sure you go over the changes that happened in a specific team since their last competition. For those who love playing COD watching pros is a good way to boost your skill level. 

Find a Reliable Online Betting Platform

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For those who never used a betting platform, it is important to find a reliable and trustworthy provider or online casino. It’s pretty much the same as with online gambling with any other sport. If you aren‘t sure about a particular site, it’s recommended that you test a casino first before you make a significant deposit. Moreover, a lot of legitimate casinos offer 20 free spins on registration, and betting platforms can offer free money or betting credit for you to play before funding the account. So, review the sites, read the terms and conditions, and find the best promotion deal before you decide which platform to use.

Typically these are the traits that distinguish a reliable esports betting website:

  • Positive online reputation
  • Above-average customer satisfaction
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Different payment methods like a credit card, cryptocurrency, e-wallet, and wire transfers
  • Good COD betting odds

In other words, see if all of these elements check out and if they do the platform is most likely good to go.

Betting on COD

If you want to place wagers on COD matches bear in mind that there are different options. You can always make a regular bet where you try to guess which team will win. However, there is also a so-called accumulator bet, where you want to connect multiple single matches and therefore multiply your odds.

Finally, during Call of Duty League, there is a chance to encounter live-bets which allows you to place wagers on particular outcomes during the match. The odds will fluctuate here depending on what is going on, and only certain bets will be available. Bear in mind that you should not be reckless with betting and that you should follow similar guides as for gambling if you wish to win.    

It is important to note that odds and available bets are usually connected to the number of viewers. So, as long as the popularity of this esport increases, different competitions and different betting options will follow. Currently, the average viewership is around 95,000 but during some events, it peaks to over 300,000 viewers.


These were some of the basics that you need to know prior to putting your money down and supporting your team. If you love playing this game, then you will definitely enjoy watching the pros, and upping the stakes will make the whole experience more fun. Again, remember to find a site with generous bonuses, and do your research on the competitors. You can also try some of the different esports like CS, Dota, or League of Legends if there are no COD events.

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Last Updated: Jun 10, 2022