It's a Warzone Out There! Latest CoD News

According to Activision, season 5 of Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone will be released this week, creating even more online fun for fans to enjoy. On August 12, the Warzone Season 5 update will be released, marking the start of the new season across all platforms. We already know that Call of Duty franchises will receive a slew of new content, including new weaponry, modes, and maps. In addition, there will be new material for players to enjoy as usual.

Four new weapons have been announced for Warzone and Black Ops, some of which will be accessible to use from the start. However, because they are related to Battle Pass progress, many will have to wait until they reach the appropriate level. The EM2 Assault Rifle and the TEC-9 SMG will be available to use on August 12, with Activision also confirming a melee addition. Let’s break these down for you. In addition, later in Season 5, a new gun will be obtained through an in-game challenge.

EM2: Assault Rifle - Assault rifle with full auto mode. A well-balanced British rifle with excellent fire control. Accuracy is improved with a built-in low-zoom optic. The fire rate is slower, but the range is consistent. At Tier 15 of the Season Five Battle Pass, you can get the EM2 for free and ready to use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

TEC-9 SMG - A semi-automatic submachine gun. Longer ranges with minimal recoil and a slower shot rate result in improved accuracy. Damage output is good, while the range is moderate. At Tier 31 of the Season Five Battle Pass, you can get the TEC-9 for free.

Melee Addition: Cane - The Cane is a bludgeoning weapon that is both elegant and lethal. Give your opponents a proper sorting with a rapid swing from this new melee weapon, which may knock the enemy out with a smack upside the head.

Marshall: Secondary Pistol - The 12-gauge shells are fired from a hand-loaded double barrel handgun. Excellent close-range damage with a one-shot kill potential. The Marshal is the most powerful pistol in Black Ops Cold War, able to clear rooms with ease despite limited attachments. It is the predecessor to a similarly devastating gun seen in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III.

Over the last few months, Raven Software has made several balance improvements to Warzone's 100+ base weapons, intending to provide the most pleasing Battle Royale experience possible. Season Five begins with two new Perks to shake up the meta, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Perks in Warzone are similar to the Perk options in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, with minor tweaks to reflect the large-scale battles now taking place in Verdansk. However, for the first time, Warzone will earn two unique Perks, each with its own set of perks.

The first is Combat Scout, which provides Operators with a burst of in-field intelligence by temporarily highlighting an adversary in bright orange and pinging them. This Perk only gets more potent if the Operator behind it can communicate successfully with their squadmates, whether it's confirming a callout or discovering someone holed up in a building behind penetrable cover.

Tempered, on the other hand, appears to alter Armor values within Warzone radically. When an Operator is Tempered, their Armor Plates are thicker and more strengthened, and only two of them are required to be fully armoured, as opposed to the regular three. In other words, Tempered Armor Plates absorb 75 points of damage rather than the standard 50, but an Operator can only wear two at a time rather than three. Of course, this one-of-a-kind transformation comes at the cost of your Perk 2 slot, so think carefully about your perk arrangement before bulking up with those reinforced plates.

Season 5 introduces new points of interest in the form of mobile broadcast stations. It's unclear how they'll operate, but we know they'll be linked to the broader Warzone/Cold War storey. Players are urged to approach them to learn more about what they do. In addition, a new Gulag will be released, this time in the guise of Rush from Black Ops II. Then, later in the season, a limited-time event will take place linked to the Season 4 Red Doors.

Aside from that, some weapons may be changed, albeit none of them currently feel overpowered. As a result, Raven may decide to improve any underutilised weapons, such as the P90, KSP 45, or older Modern Warfare weaponry. The most severe Warzone issue that requires attention is the widespread cheating problem, which has gotten worse throughout 2021. It's unclear whether Activision and Raven have any plans to remedy the problem, but we don't expect any significant changes very soon.

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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2021