The world of City of Heroes is extensive but even the most talented developers in the world can only generate content so quickly. Now in testing is a system to allow players to generate their own missions bringing community involvement to a new level. Will this revitalize the game or could it spell disaster? We let you know just inside.

The most obvious benefit you can see is the infusion of content into a game that really needs it. Don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely loved playing the game, but clearing the same warehouse with a slight variation of enemy isn’t going to hold my attention forever. Sure the bank robbery missions were great but beyond a few developer scripted boss fights, it seems problematic to try and support your entire progression through piecemeal questing. The Mission Architect will allow player created missions from all shards to become available and who knows exactly how many that could mean? Mediocre ones could easily run in the thousands and that could entertain the community for months. The really good ones with multiple objectives and complexity found in developer created content will do nothing but improve upon what we already have available.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016