The question regarding which video game could be regarded as the biggest in the world is undoubtedly a tough one to answer. After all, there's a range of different ways that titles can be judged.

People might opt for a game with the best sales figures or money-making power, while some may just point to the number of active players. In addition, others may just regard the best as the one with the biggest influence on popular culture.

However, regardless of your views on the issue, it is fair to say that one title which would simply have to be considered in the discussion is Dota 2.

A global phenomenon

Originally launched by Valve back in July 2013, the game has grown to become a global phenomenon. This is thanks in part to the leading role it has taken in the world of eSports, with the game being among the most popular in that scene.

Dota 2 is comfortably the most lucrative title in professional gaming, with the game’s annual flagship event, The International, arguably being the biggest date in the industry’s calendar. Last year’s tournament featured a prize pool of more than $25 million and, incredibly, the 2019 event is currently on track to beat that figure.

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The scene that has gone on to develop around Dota 2 is also massive, with entire websites being devoted to tracking the latest Dota 2 news, results from recent competitions and any new updates in relation to the game. Furthermore, the game is also a key part of the betting scene that has emerged around eSports.

Considering all of this, it is perhaps hard to see just how Dota could become any bigger. However, Valve’s recent move to embrace a growing gaming trend could help the game do just that.


The rise of Auto-Chess titles – also known as Autobattlers – has arguably been one of the biggest talking points in gaming across 2019. Such games are based around tactics and strategy and see players do battle by placing different units on a board. The units then fight each other, with the winner being the player who manages to defeat their opponent’s squad.

Such games came to wider attention when a fan-made Dota 2 mod emerged called Dota Auto Chess, but that development was seemingly not lost on Valve. After all, the company has now announced the launch of Dota Underlords, a standalone game based on the Auto Chess concept.

While the title had previously been running on a friends-and-family beta, Valve recently expanded it to include all Battle Pass owners and then put it into open beta. The preview allows gamers to play online against seven other players, practice offline against bots or play together against bots and other players. The game remains in active development, and the team behind it are hoping that feedback will help them make improvements as time goes on.

An interesting move

The launch of Underlords is undoubtedly an interesting move by Valve and suggests the Dota 2 team are keeping their ear to the ground on new ways to develop their famous gaming title. It is early days for Underlords but it will be fascinating to see how it fares as game in its own right across the months ahead.

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Last Updated: Jul 01, 2019

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