By Garrett Fuller

You thought you knew everything about the classes and career mastery system in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning? Well, this article should give you some new details that will help you plan your character. Associate Art Director Adam Gershowitz and Associate Producer Josh Drescher sat down to explain to us some of the ins and outs of Career Mastery. Each class has several options for game play called careers. They are different ways to make your character unique from any other. If you play a shaman and want to be a full on healer, well you can chose that path. If you want to drop the power of Gork and Mork on your enemies, well that career is available for you as well. Adam explained that careers offer a “better way to define your character.” There is a ton of information in the following paragraphs about how to spec your character in Warhammer Online.

We first got a chance to look at the Chaos Marauder Career Mastery. Players will have three choices: Path of Savagery, Path of Monstrosity, and Path of Brutality. For fans of Warhammer’s famous chaos mutations, Savagery has a claw, Brutality has a mutated slashing arm, and Monstrosity has a clubbed hand.

The Path of Savagery gives a player some DOTs and lower opponent’s armor buffs. Brutality does high damage to a single target. Monstrosity does some crowd control abilities with knock downs, multi-hits, and area of effect damage. Adam was quick to point out that you can design your Marauder for the type of fighting you like. You can spec to fight heavy tanks, or spec to charge down casters, or if you are in a giant battle, just spec to hit everyone in your way.

Next we got a chance to check out the High Elf Sword Master. The Sword Master is the High Elf tank class but remains a lighter tank in some respects. You can play the class with a two handed sword or a sword and shield depending on your play style. The Sword Master is very good against magic heavy boss monsters because of their anti-magic skills. Adam explained that Iron Breakers are great against the melee monsters in a counterpart to the Sword Masters who are good against magic.

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There are three stances that the Sword Master works off of. One is for protection, one for offense, and one for sheer anti-magic skills. The stances model the Warhammer history and to be honest the only one I remember is the Stance of Hoeth, well, they are sword masters after all. With attacks like Graceful Strike and Dragon’s Talon players can put together nasty combos against their opponents. Some of the other skills we heard were: Phoenix Wings, Ether Dance, Wall of Darting Steel, and Josh’s favorite Ensorcelled Blade.

The next class we looked at was the Disciple of Khaine for the Dark Elves. The Disciple plays similar to the Empire Warrior Priest which employs healing and melee attacks. The Dark Elf class has a similar role, not just as a healer but as a great melee attacker as well. This combination can be a nasty opponent on the field. While the Warrior Priest is inspiring to his allies in healing and chants.

The Disciple more or less sucks the life out of opponents to heal his allies. The class can choose two options for weapons having a sword and chalice which helps in healing abilities, or simply going all out with two swords for a better melee skill set. The one thing we learned while looking at the Disciple of Khaine was that there is a dual targeting system in the game for healers. They can right click to target an ally and left click to target an enemy. Both targets remain active to help in healing and melee. You won’t have to switch between targets!

The next class we looked at was the High Elf Shadow Warrior. This class is a combination between melee and archery. The class has three stances that it can switch from, the Scout stance which is similar to a sniper mode, the Assault stance is for the melee line, and the Skirmish stance allows you to move and shoot.

The role of a Shadow Warrior is one who watches the battlefield for the best chance to attack. If a mage shows her on a tower, the Shadow Warrior will be there turn her into a pin cushion. If the gate is broken down, the Shadow Warrior can switch to a sword and fight it out. They also make excellent pullers. Some of the skills we heard about were AE shot arrows, flanking shots, snares, and other methods of making an opponent’s life miserable.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016