Once again, the developers at Cryptic Studios have taken the time to answer a slate of community-based questions for Champions Online. Although plenty of information has already been answered by the Cryptic devs, the players are still more than capable of finding a variety of incredibly detailed elements to ask Cryptic about. Here's a small selection of the Q&A segment:

Will respecs only reset certain aspects of your character’s build or will it refund everything so you can re-choose completely different powers, etc.? (Man_With_10000_Volts)

Retcons (the Champions term for respecs) will respec almost everything on your character. A few things will not be changed by a retcon – origins, for example. Up to a certain level, retcons are fairly cheap, but the higher the level of your character, the more thorough the retcon, the more expensive. That, however, only applies to voluntary retcons. If we force you to do a retcon because of some change we make, we’ll refund you the points spent.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016