It isn't often we get to hear from beta testers in any game but Cryptic has let the beta testers get in a few words on their favorite powers. See what those who are actually playing the game have to say about Champions Online's powersets and which powers turn their wheels!

"Fire, of course. I hope you like well done, because that's the only temperature it'll do. Imagine being a walking pressure cooker - when you lift up the lid, you utterly sear everything in a glorious inferno that never fails to be highly satisfactory." – Legend

"I really enjoy Ice. There is some nice symmetry between the powers and it just feels like you're really shattering people" – darienmask

"Force, by far, is my favorite power set. What is more fun than pummeling bad guys with pure kinetic energy and seeing them get knocked around like ping-pong balls? Nothing. And when you get surrounded by pipe-wielding mutants, you can explode in a brilliant (and pretty dang cool looking) eruption of energy, flinging everything around you like little rag dolls. Uh huh, Force is the way to go baby." – Icedanno

Visit this link to read it and be sure to click the "Post your comments" link below and tell us which powers you think will be your fave!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016