Beta, Storyline and More...

WarCry posted a Q & A with the developers of Chronicles of Spellborn. Covered among the questions is an update aboutthe staus of beta testing...

Q: In the June Producer’s Letter, it said you decided to put the beta on the backburner to address some issues that came up. Could you give us some examples of the issues you ran into and what you’re doing to correct them? Do you feel that delaying the game was the right decision?

A: The first Beta phase brought to light some combat core and network related issues. None were 'game breaking,' but we decided to completely redo this code to ensure a robust platform that is ready for future enhancements. The game's combat system relies on a lag free environment, so we ensured that the base level of all systems are as optimal as possible. Of course there also was a truckload – if not two – of the usual bugs that needed to be fixed.

The delay for the game was not a result of these issues. The initially communicated release date has always been based on our initial development expectations defined at the start of the project. The six month 'delay' is a result of a more realistic estimate that we were able to make once development got well on its way.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016