CoD: Warzone 2.0 - 5 Tips to get more kills in Al Mazrah

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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 (CoD: Warzone 2.0) is an action game played by millions of players every day. Game modes like Battle Royale and Plunder mode can help players destroy their opponents in battles for easy kills. Al Mazrah is a map that supports up to 150 players at a time, increasing your chances of getting multiple kills in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

There are plenty of activities and events that can make Al Mazrah a blast to play with your friends. Exploring central locations in Al Mazrah, such as, the Oasis, the Western Foothills, the Zaya Observatory and Mountains can fetch you free kills in the game.   

Here are a few tips that can increase your number of kills in CoD: Warzone 2.0. 

Buy Armor Plates

Armor Plates can be equipped in CoD: Warzone 2.0 to survive longer in team fights. The FPS game lets players spawn into Al Mazrah with 150 health and 2 Armor Plates. You can equip up to a maximum of 3 Armor Plates to get 300 health in each battle. 

Players can purchase Armor Plates at Buy Stations for $1,000. People can scour the various locations of Al Mazrah to find Armor Box scattered around the map. It can take less than 5 seconds to shoot and kill enemies without an additional Armor Plate in the shooter game. People who lose a ton of their health early in battles can also buy the Self-Revive utility kits for $4,000 at a Buy Station. 

Try the DMZ mode

The DMZ mode has a unique sandbox experience for its online Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 community. The Exclusion Zone in Al Mazrah supports up to 60 players in DMZ mode. You can destroy bots in DMZ mode to increase your kill score. Boss bots like the Juggernaut roam around Al Mazrah, armed with a minigun. These Armored Commanders can shred you with their weapons, turning DMZ mode into a challenge for new players. You can kill a few Juggernauts in Exclusion Zones to collect Weapon’s Cases and armor vests dropped by the bosses.  

Completing contracts in DMZ mode can earn you lots of money to spend during combat. The Raid Weapon Stash rewards players with $8,000 and the Cargo Delivery contract can earn you up to $10,000 for accomplishing the objectives.  

Hunt Enemies with Friends in Vehicles

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The large map of Al Mazrah can be hard to move around on foot. CoD: Warzone 2.0 has a wide range of vehicles that can be mounted to cover vast distances within minutes. The ATV can be used by up to 1 driver and 2 passengers at once. Custom skins can be obtained for vehicles like the ATV to achieve certain goals. 

Solo players can ride the Dirt Bike to blaze through the different sectors of Al Mazrah. You can hop onto an SUV to stay protected during ambushes on the map in the shooter game. Military vehicles like the LTV can accommodate up to 4 members from your team, making it much easier to win matches in CoD: Warzone 2. 

Fight with a Lachmann Sub or a Kastov 762

Lachmann Sub is one of the finest weapons you can use to increase your kills. The sub-machine gun lets players close in on their enemies quickly to annihilate them in battles. You can enhance several features of the Lachmann Sub with the load-out options for more kills in CoD: Warzone 2. Attaching the VLK LZR 7mW laser for a Lachmann Sub can drastically reduce the recoil of your weapon. It will also give you a better shot at decimating enemies before you take lethal amounts of damage from incoming attacks. You can equip a 40 Round Mag to have adequate ammo to spray enemies before needing to reload between battles. 


A Kastov 762 can be quite effective to get free kills in CoD: Warzone 2. People can use the assault rifle to mutilate their opponents from mid range. Perks like Fast Hands and Double Time can improve the kill rate of players while using a Kastov 762. You can hurl grenades in team fights, along with carrying a Kastov 762 to give your team an advantage in combat. Although a Kastov 762 can do loads of damage at long range, you can rely on your allies to cover your steps to help you focus on shooting down enemies in front of you without getting killed.   


Return stronger from Gulag

Gulag is a new feature in CoD: Warzone 2 that allows players to respawn on the map after being killed. It isn’t easy to make it back to Al Mazrah after going through Gulag since the PvP battle leaves very little to chance. You can fight one person in Gulag to decide the outcome of your battle. Winners of the duel will return to the map for a second chance at killing enemies, letting people gain higher scores. 


You can take up an array of weapons from Gulag to assist you in duels. Players can bring back the weapons they use in Gulag to start shooting at enemies in Al Mazrah after successful duels. You can also kill the jailer in Gulag to revive multiple allies. 

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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2023