Little bits here and there

City of Heroes/Villains was patched yesterday to version 17.20080625.1T. It doesn't look like a major update, with a sprinkling of changes under many different categories. Some examples:


* Lady Jane should act more intelligently in combat situations now.
* 48 Month Veteran Reward pets should no longer charge into combat. Really.


* New animation for Super Strength / Punch while flying.


* Defeating Romulus Nictus should correctly award the Roman badge
* Rularuu weapons now unlocked via Shadow Shard TF badges


* Fixed condition for chat ban that would cause players to be banned for excessively long times.
* Fixed coalition chat name display to display SG name and player name correctly.
* Fixed a condition where a player could receive messages from a globally ignored player.

For the full patch notes, please check the City of Heroes official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016