Counter Strike Global Offensive: A Strategic and Out of the Ordinary Game!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a famous game in the eSports gaming scene. This is a shooting game in which two teams compete against each other online. Each team is part of a camp, that of terrorists and that of an anti-terrorism squad. Since the end of 2018, the game is completely free and includes in-app purchases. What are we talking about exactly? Back to Counter Strike Global Offensive, the phenomenon of eSports games!

Counter Strike: The Ancestor of Shooting Games!

You could say that Counter Strike is sort of the ancestor of shooting games. The first title in the series was indeed released in 2000, several years before the first episode of Call of Duty. This FPS (First Person Shooter), or first-person shooter (the player follows the action through the eyes of his character), then evolved to give birth in 2012 to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, generally abbreviated as CS: GO. In this competitive shooter, two teams of players (5 players per team) compete against each other to prevent or carry out a terrorist act. The first embodies an intervention troop, the anti-terrorists, the second, the terrorists. Depending on the game mode chosen, the missions vary, consisting for example of successfully defusing a bomb (the other team tries to defuse the manoeuvre), to exfiltrate a freed hostage or, more traditionally, to eliminate the opposing team in a death match. Wingman mode offers two-on-two clashes on smaller maps. Danger Zone mode is a Battle Royale mode that pits up to 18 players, dropped on an island, competing in a super-fast survival race where only one must remain.

An Esports Game That Requires Tactical Skills

Whichever game mode you choose, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is, beyond just an action game, a title that requires tactical skills. You must know how to strategize and coordinate to hope to win, especially in more advanced game modes (such as competitive mode). You could e.g. find our odds offering on esports on the following link. Originally marketed conventionally, the game became a free-to-play in December 2018 on the Steam download platform. If the title is free, however, it offers many in-app purchases. Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most played titles in eSports video game competitions. There are many tournaments that can be followed online.

Counter Strike, Exclusively Reserved for Over 18s

Counter Strike is a realistic shooting game for adults. The violence of the clashes is very realistic as are the weapons, which are virtual variations of real models. While you cannot shoot teammates on Casual difficulty, the other modes leave no room for error, adding real tension to games. Shooting at a playmate can quickly create serious tension between players. Likewise, having to defuse a bomb or attempt to save a hostage creates a lot of stress that may not be suitable for all players. Because this is an online team game, it is necessary to interact with other connected players. It is therefore preferable to evolve with people that you know. In addition, if certain comments from players are insulting or offensive, do not hesitate to leave the game in progress or to report these abnormal behaviours.


Counter Strike and in-App Purchases

As always, with in-app purchases, it's important to keep track of your spending. Although Counter Strike Global Offensive is now free, there are many opportunities to purchase customization items for your character or weapons. It is important to remember that these purchases are not essential to play and hope to win. However, there are several pieces of equipment that confer advantages on their wearer. Kevlar allows for damage reduction when shot at us, while Kevlar with a helmet allows you to survive a headshot, if it is not a weapon lethal such as AK-47 or others.

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Last Updated: Sep 03, 2021