Vogster has rolled out the first major content patch for CrimeCraft,
and made good on the promise of an "unlimited free trial", effectively
making the game free-to-play. The content addition features a new NPC
gang that offers new quests and rewards, a new PvP loot system and 14
new maps worth of PvE content that squares players off against NPC gang

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Entertainment, LLC, an international innovator
in video game design and content, is pleased to announce the
implementation of their previously announced Unlimited Free Trial
Program, new Tiered Subscription model and the first major Content
Update for CrimeCraft, its Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS) for
the PC. Now gamers will have the freedom to play CrimeCraft for free
for as long as they like, or unlock the full set of game features and
game options with the flexible Standard ($4.99/month) or Premium
($9.99/month) subscriptions.

Key details of the free trial and newly minted subscription model are

· Unlimited Free Trial –new CrimeCraft players
will be able to
experience the majority of game features for free for as long as they

· Seamless Transition – players can seamlessly
convert from a free
trial to a paying account and switch between subscription levels.
Features will be placed “on hold” or unlocked based
on the current
subscription level.

· Varied Subscription Options – In addition to
playing for free as long
as you want, CrimeCraft will introduce a new Standard Subscription for
$4.99/month in addition to the current $9.99/month Premium Subscription
option. More casual CrimeCraft players can gain access to all the major
features the game has to offer through the Standard Subscription, while
the Premium Subscription is targeted at the hard core players that want
to immerse themselves fully into the larger gang warfare meta-game.

In addition to the freedom of choice regarding subscription options,
the first major expansion of in-game content has been released today
for CrimeCraft. Players can now enjoy a new PvE mode that pits them
against AI gang bosses across 14 maps; a new PvP loot system; a new NPC
gang that offers additional lore and jobs; as well as an in-game
newspaper that contains player-generated content and proclaims the
victories and beat-downs of the player-controlled Sunrise City gangs.
Also added are city-wide billboards that appear in the common area
lobbies and proclaim the “Most Wanted” gangsters,
spreading player
notoriety and building the reputation of the most lethal
player-controlled gangs in CrimeCraft.

Check out the official announcement and get more game info href="http://www.crimecraft.com/offers" target="_blank">here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016