CSGO Bitcoin Betting And Where To Start


CSGO Bitcoin Advantages and Disadvantages 

When you’re betting online there's always pros and cons. Pros like faster transactions, no private information is shared, plus it's easy to deposit Now of course with certain sites there are cons like transaction fees when depositing or withdrawing. You would also need to know the most important gambling laws and verify that the sites you’re going to use are valid with the community and provably fair, since certain sites are NOT.

CSGO Betting has been popular for a couple of years now, with sites like CSGO Luck Gambling, having crash, mines, towers, and case battles where the winner takes all of the winnings. Certain sites let you deposit with bitcoin but some sites only let you withdraw with CSGO skins that are also marketable that you can sell for cold hard cash, that you can once again put right back into your pocket or bitcoin wallet.

How To Create A Wallet For Bitcoin

Let’s begin by understanding how to create a wallet. I understand this can be self explanatory but, we want to make sure we cover all the details so that there's no confusion. You’d start by signing up for a specific crypto wallet provider (Coinbase, Blockchain, ect.). You’ll need to give normal information like your name, email, address, password, making a key so you alone can access the funds. Putting your email into the account will make you verify it like most applications. To activate the wallet you’ll need to provide personal information that is kept private with the providers. 

How To Add Funds To Account 

Adding funds into a wallet can be different for each country. Mastercards, Visas, and bankwires are supported around the world. You’ll need to give your banking information like your card number, expiration date, cvv, and name on the card, once you select your payment method for transactions.

Buying Bitcoin To Put On Wallet

This is probably the easiest thing you’ll do once everything is set up, basically like if you were at a job you gotta prep everything first. Now, all you need to do is deposit the amount of money you want to buy in bitcoin on the account and select the bitcoin coin, put your preferred amount of money on your account you want to buy, and tap “buy”. Once bought it should show in your bitcoin balance. Keep it mind once you buy bitcoin it can go up and down since crypto currency is a market. 

How to Deposit Bitcoin On Your Betting Account

Mostly all you need after you have purchased the bitcoin you'll need to grab your address for your wallet. Copy the address and paste it on the site you’re going to deposit on and type the amount of bitcoin you want to depo. Once it's deposited you're ready to place those bets and hopefully win big!

Is Crypto Betting Safe?

Of course it depends on the market, it can go up and down just like anything on the stock market. Now, we've already the pros and cons of crypto betting but, let's go more into depth. We would say when it comes to depositing and withdrawing it is 100% more SAFE. No personal information is shown. When you go on any site though, you need to make sure the site is proved fair for the player. Of course gambling anytime will make you lose and when you’re lucky get those big wins. Certain sites are rigged for the house and that's a huge reason they aren't used by the community. Just be careful before putting your money into gambling sites in general though, once you place a bet expect to lose. Gambling is for entertainment, people can experience problems with it. Luckly, some sites like CSGOLuck have a 24 hour lock down feature that if you click you can not deposit or place bets for 24 whole hours. 


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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2022