The community in massively multiplayer online games loves to discuss current events that are going on within the game directly with a development team. Rather than going through a third party or simply having a set of official boards where these sort of questions could get lost, the Dark Age of Camelot team went ahead and directly answered some questions from the fans.

Q. Once you kill Mulgrut for the quest “Mulgrut Gets Smitten” using the holy symbol as required, nothing in the wording tells you to whom you must turn in the quest. This caused me to go to an outside fan site to find the answer and many new players might not know about these. Can you change the wording of the text to be clearer?

A. The Lady of the Jewels was mighty concentrated on a formula but took a moment to say: The journal text of this quest was updated in patch 1.97a, which went to Pendragon yesterday. If you find any similar issues please send a detailed Bug Report in game using the /report function so that we can fix them as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016