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When should I be taking mercenary camps? It seems to be the case of just before an objective, but is there more to it than that?


Hey LilyEB, mercenary camps are great for adding pressure to lanes or helping you push. It is usually very strong to take the camps right before an objective since it forces enemies to deal with the push or risk taking heavy damage from it. Camps can also be taken to push. For example, on Dragon Shire, you can take the bottom Bruiser camp and your own Siege camp at the same time. If you are really ahead you can take the enemy siege as well. This will create a massive push which as long as you defend it correctly, can easily take the bottom keep or even end the game. Another example is on Cursed Hollow. If you can take your Bruisers at a different time than your opponents in the early game, you can easily push with them and secure a cannon tower or even the entire middle wall. This experience advantage can be huge on the first few tributes as well as in the race to 10. Simply put, camps just add some extra pressure to lanes. It really comes down to whether you push with them, or use them to split while an objective is active: try to do one or the other.

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

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