What is a "Super Rare"

A community-created name for a particular kind of rare is a super rare. Before individuals kill an item and view the drops, there is no way to determine if it is a Super Rare. These rares can scale up to an item level of 385 as opposed to the 369–372 item level cap of conventional rares. As a result, Super Rares are typically unique to players with an item level of 365 or higher. Regular rares will continue to drop upgrades for you even if you are below this item level.

Loot tables for super rares  do not include items for all spec levels. As a result, occasionally you'll only acquire a piece of stuff that is useless.

The Waking Shore's Super Rares

The Waking Shore's Super Rares are listed below:

Super Rares Azure Span

Here are all the Super Rares in Azure Span:


Here are all the Super Rares in Thaldraszus:


You can use the following weakauras to keep tabs on the Super Rares you've killed each day.

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Last Updated: Dec 04, 2022