For anyone playing Dota Underlords, it's pretty evident that the meta hinges on just a few compositions. That does get a little stale, but it does also mean that if you're wanting to climb to higher ranks, it's fairly easy not to fail. Here's the best 3 in the current meta. 

6 Knights + Trolls



  • Super easy to play.
  • Pretty hard to lose with. 
  • Comes online incredibly quickly. 
  • Has very few counters (if any).
  • Your last pick can pretty much be anything. 


  • Everyone wants Knight units. You'll have to fight for them. 
  • Trolls, similarly to Knights, are also sought after. 
  • Assassins are probably their weakest.

6 Hunters + 3 Warriors


  • Most of the front-line are meta units, capable of carrying any match.
  • Massive, rapid damage.
  • Your front-line pretty much gaurentees your backline goes untouched.
  • Your 10th unit is totally variable.


  • Most of the units are late tier.
  • You'll often lose early game to Assassin compositions. 
  • Knights give you a run for your money. 

6 Assassins + 3 Elusive


  • Amazing burst potential.
  • One of the few compositions that can handle Knights.
  • Can snowball early game if you land lucky with upgrades.
  • It's a fun build to run.


  • Easily countered by Knights/Warriors bunkering in a corner.
  • You'll go on a losing streak for a long time before your units come online.
  • To gain the Elusive bonus, you need a little bit of luck (Treant is popular).
  • Can be tough to gain 6 Assassins, especially if fighting for them against someone else. 

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Last Updated: Jul 09, 2019

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