Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Affix Rotation - 10 Week Rotation

Here is the complete Dragonflight Season 1 affix rotation for Dragonflight Season 1!

This was collected on the Dragonflight Beta over the last 8 weeks, which should leave enough data for the final 2 weeks. Here's some quick notes on the Dragonflight Season 1 rotation:

  • The affix rotation is only 10 weeks long.

  • Each affix is played on both  Tyrannical and  Fortified once; no more  Fortified only affixes.

  • Affixes will not be the same two weeks in a row.

Week # Affix 1
(Level 2+)
Affix 2
(Level 4+)
Affix 3
(Level 7+)
Seasonal Affix
(Level 10+)
1  Fortified  Raging  Quaking  Thundering
2  Tyrannical  Bursting  Grievous  Thundering
3  Fortified  Sanguine  Volcanic  Thundering
4  Tyrannical  Raging  Storming  Thundering
5  Fortified  Spiteful  Grievous  Thundering
6  Tyrannical  Sanguine  Explosive  Thundering
7  Fortified  Bolstering  Storming  Thundering
8  Tyrannical  Spiteful  Quaking  Thundering
9  Fortified  Bursting  Explosive  Thundering
10  Tyrannical  Bolstering  Volcanic  Thundering

Melee DPS may struggle more on Week 8 with Spiteful and Quaking, while Healers may struggle with Tyrannical, Bursting and Grievous.

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Last Updated: Nov 24, 2022