The Travelocity Gnome
ain't got Nothin'

Few massively multiplayer online games attempt to make their players
laugh. Perhaps the one that does it with the most success is Dungeon
Runners, an online game with a funny bone the size of a large
tractor-trailer. With NCsoft's new boxed version of the game hitting
store shelves in the very near future, Dungeon Runners has pulled out
all the stops in their pursuit of hilarity and have created the Bling
Gnome. Ten Ton Hammer has the news on this new little bugger, and you
simply need to read on to find out more!

won't have to look under a blarney stone to get their own Bling Gnome.
By the end of June, players can go to just about any game retailer in
North America and purchase a Dungeon Runners game pack that includes
the soon-to-be-legendary Bling Gnome as well as six months of premium
membership level game time for the price of four.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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