Because First Impressions
are Lasting Impressions!

The beginning experience in a massively multiplayer online game is
often what makes or breaks an experience for a player. To
release a game without a thoroughly immersive initial play experience
is akin to dooming your product to the depths of the bargain bin, and
so developers all over the world are striving to insure that their
games have stellar new player experiences. Since the initial play
session in a MMOG is so crucial for players, Cody "Micajah" Bye sat
down with Atanas Atanasov, the CEO of Masthead Studios, to discuss what
players should expect to find in Earthrise, the upcoming MMOG being
developed by the previously mentioned studio. The answers that Ten Ton
Hammer received were fantastic and are definitely worth a look.

style="font-style: italic;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Ten Ton Hammer: To
start, character creation in massively multiplayer online games is an
essential piece of a player's initial experience. What sort of options
are you presenting to players in Earthrise, and what can they expect
when they begin the game?

style="font-weight: bold;">Atanas Atanasov:
Player creation in Earthrise will offer a lot of options to all those
players who want to make their character unique looking. They will be
able to select gender, skin color, hair, height and body shape, pretty
much everything that a player expects from a good MMORPG nowadays.
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When players start the
game, they will not be overwhelmed by decisions what class or player
statistics to choose simply because Earthrise is a skill-based game and
everyone will be equal at the beginning. Skills will be raised by doing
certain actions in the game and the more players advance in the game
the more they will differentiate from each other.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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