TERA is very political by design and the guilds that will fill the game’s world will play a major part in one of the game’s central mechanics - the political system. Gamer Riot recently had the chance to speak with TERA’s NA publisher En Masse Entertainment about some of the features that guilds will have.

Guild can declare war against each other in TERA and even form allies, much like the atmosphere of EVE Online, another game deeply entrenched in player politics. While TERA doesn’t offer an official alliance option, there are a number of in-game features to help communicate who players of a guild should be helping or looking to exterminate with extreme prejudice.

TERA's guild system has an area for announcements that we expect members will keep up-to-date with which players or guilds they are allied with or which are kill-on-sight. On top of that, there's a section that lets individual guild members put public notes by their name. This way you can chart who ganked you last night, or who helped out in a PvP fight.

Check out the full Q&A at Gamer Riot for all the details. We had our own chance to speak with En Masse Entertainment about TERA at this year's E3 event, be sure to check out our full preview - "TERA Plays a Game of Thrones at E3 2011" - for additional details about the game's political system.

Source: Gamer Riot

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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