ESports Betting: Beware of Scams in a growing Scene

Over the last five years, eSports’ popularity has exploded. Games like League of Legends, CS:
GO and DotA 2 draw in millions of viewers for their multi-million dollar tournaments, and as
these tournaments grow bigger and more popular so do the opportunities for betting.
Everyone likes to bet, and a little bit of gambling can make watching eSports more exciting and
engaging, but as the betting scenes get bigger so do the risks. More and more sites are trying to
get in on the betting action, and not all of them are legitimate. If you decide to put money into
eSports betting, whether that be with real money or with some other form of currency, like skins
in CS: GO for example, make sure you know your investment is safe and that you aren’t simply
being scammed.

A History Of Scam Sites

It may surprise you, but there have been many sites that have been revealed as scam sites and
have been either shutdown or simply had their reputation ruined. CS: GO betting sites have had
a bad history in the past couple of years, so much so that Valve actually did a crackdown on
third-party betting sites in 2016, sending cease and desist letters to 23 sites.
After years of shady betting sites and stories of people being scammed, Valve was forced to
take action and since then many of the worst scam betting sites have been shut down or have
been forced to seriously alter their betting rules and terms and conditions.

The Risk of Being Scammed

Expert from says “not only in Online Casino but […] Experts from say;
“… not only in Online Casinos but also in e-Sports most gambling sites are fair, honest and
trustworthy. However, with the few that aren’t so honest, it’s always best to make sure.”
Although it may seem hard to discern between legitimate sites and not-so- legitimate sites, with
the help of people who know what gambling sites should and should not be doing you can make
sure that your money is safe.

Most of the time, if the website you’re thinking of betting through looks legitimate, it most likely
is, but make sure to do your research and don’t just use the first site you come across.

The Impact Of Betting Scams

Ultimately, the impact of scam betting websites is how closed off and limited a lot of eSports
betting has become. Well, mostly, anyway. Since Valve’s crackdown on CS: GO skin betting,
many of the major sites have either shutdown or disappeared, but that doesn’t mean the end of
CS: GO betting.

There are still many sites operating in the betting and gambling of weapon skins for CS: GO,
and although most of them are legit now, be wary that there are still sites looking to make a
quick and shady buck off your bets.

The impact of scam sites has, ironically, been sort of a positive thing for the eSports betting

scene. The increased regulation and heightened awareness of scam sites has made it a safer
and more professional environment. These scams do still exist, though, and they probably
always will, but as long as you’re careful and know what you’re getting into then you should be

Make sure you do your research and stay safe. Happy betting!

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Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018