Esports Betting vs. Traditional Betting - What is the difference?

The world of betting has never been as plentiful as it is today. Punters who are interested in engaging in the activity are able to choose from a plethora of different markets across a variety of sports and wagerable events.

This type of betting can often be viewed as falling under the category of traditional betting. Many will instantly think of betting on sports like football and horse racing when they think of wagering, as this has been something that has been possible to enjoy for as long as betting has existed.

However, there has been a new wave of betting online now available, with options that previously did not exist now possible to consider. As a result, markets that allow betting on esports have started to emerge, as have other types of wagering. But, aside from the differences in the names of the two, are there actually that many differences between either of them?

Some differences exist between them but both betting options are largely the same

Operators have always looked to ensure they are able to offer the best user experiences possible when it comes to providing punters with options that they can bet on. Over time, this has included changes to the markets that are offered, with more choices for bettors to be able to consider.

Traditional sports betting has always involved mainstream sports like those already mentioned, but it has also continually progressed to ensure the very best is also being made possible. This has included the introduction of other sports that were not previously available to wager on, especially as technology has made them more accessible to the public to watch and enjoy.

Esports betting is slightly different in terms of traditional sports wagering, as it focuses on the video games that are played by athletes. This type of wagering has grown in popularity over the last few years, with people becoming interested in the outcomes of the titles played and the opportunities they can provide when being bet on.

However, what makes both largely similar is the fact that they both feature the same betting processes and similar markets. Players are able to make bets in the exact same way when betting online, as they would simply select what market and odds they like, set their stake and make the bet.

Markets can often be regarding the final outcome (who wins, etc.), or they can consist of specific props, which may include over/under totals or bets on who does something first/last, etc.

How do you bet on eSports?

As highlighted, the process is very simple and easy to follow for those who have experienced betting in the past.

Sportsbooks have made it easier than ever to find eSports betting opportunities and to place wagers on the markets made available. All punters need to do is find a bookmaker that provides them with the ability to place a wager on a game being played and follow the same steps that would be taken when placing a bet on a sport.

Those who have never placed a bet will want to find the dedicated eSports section of their chosen site, which will then allow them to see all the available games and markets that can be wagered on. From there, they will simply want to click on the bet and odds that they like the look of, set their stake and confirm. It can be best to follow certain strategies to potentially maximize the chance of success being obtained, as better and more informed decisions may be made.

Is betting on eSports legal?

It can be dependent on where a bettor lives, but eSports betting is largely legal worldwide. If there is any concern about whether it is permitted or not, then it can be worth checking with the local gambling laws to make sure.

The Bottom Line

Aside from the fact that the main difference between traditional sports betting and eSports betting is simply the type of event, there are plenty of similarities between the two. This makes things very easy for bettors who wish to participate in either or both of them, thus enhancing the user experience that they are able to obtain.

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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2023