EVE Online is unapologetically a game built for the spreadsheet hounds, so we thought we'd bring you some of the more interesting stats and figures we heard over the course of the weekend's FanFest 2009. It's rare that you have a game developer so open about their numbers, so a big word of thanks goes out to CCP for offering us a peek behind the curtain.

302,657 currently subscribers (does not include trials)
87,000 EVE: The Empyrean Age novels sold
53,850 highest peak concurrent users (PCU)
50,000 planets in the game
50,000 players have started epic mission arcs (introduced in the Empyrean Age expansion)
6,600 ships lost nightly, on average
6,000 items traded nightly, on average, with a trade value of 4 trillion ISK
5,200 solar systems in the game
1,300 current player cap in the trader hub of Jita (CCP hopes to be remove the cap soon)

95% of account holders are male
28 years old - average age
76 years old - oldest confirmed active player
20% of 2004's first month subscribers are still playing

434 CCP employees (40 during the first FanFest in 2004)
120 developers working on Dominion expansion alone

18,000 illicit RMT accounts banned during Unholy Rage (beginning June 16th, 2009)
15% less server-side CPU usage per user thanks to botters banned

1 million Icelandic kroner ($8,100) raised for Child's Play during FanFest 2009
800+ attendees this year

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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