EVE Online has not only broken the mold but bucked conventional beliefs about MMO game growth. How does it get away with this? North American President Mike Tinney shares not only why CCP is a safe bet in this economy but how they've managed to continue their expanding community over the years. While a few statements may be obvious his discussion on "not worrying about WoW" is most certainly thinking outside the box.

In order for an MMO to be a success and for its developer to stay fiscally sound, then, is the better strategy to start small, developing strong relationships to the userbase and focusing on retention rather than big-number targets. "I do personally and I know that CCP overall [agrees]," says Tinney, "and I humbly say that we're happy to see the rest of the industry coming around to that personally. I think that CCP has always regarded it as such."

The entire fascinating interview can be found over at Gamasutra

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016