Free to play MMOGs are everywhere. There’s no
denying the
fact that
many players have accepted and regularly play these free to play games,
and the free to play gaming genre is here to stay. One of the first
games to be released in North America that fostered the free to play
gaming experience was Hero Online, an MMOG that has earned its chops
through years of live service. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer’s
Fuller caught up with Hero Online’s Seung-Suk Cho to discuss
a number
of the upcoming events in Hero Online and what gamers should expect
from the future of this game.

Ton Hammer: Do you have any other plans for players over the summer?
What about going into the holiday season?

Cho: We are raising the level cap (100) this summer
so that
our veteran players will have three more maps, and hundreds of new
items and quests to play with.
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016