The act of creation is thrilling. Whether you're a painter, musician, actor, or writer, making a world come to life in a particular medium is an amazing experience. So imagine that you're creating an entire world - top to bottom - that will be filled with thousands (if not millions) of people that are creating their own individual stories. Intimidating? You bet.

But if there's anyone that can do it, 38 Studios' R.A. Salvatore certainly has the credentials to make it happen. Every so often, we sit down with R.A. to see how the story and history of Copernicus is progressing. While the studio still can't state specifics, there certainly are some hints in Salvatore's discussion. Check it out!

Ten Ton Hammer: How are you changing things compared to other MMOs? In other current MMOs, you feel like the hero in the end, but at the same time there are some godlike characters in the world, like Thrall or the Lich King in World of Warcraft. You might end up killing them eventually, but at the same time, as a player, you still don't feel quite as powerful as these characters. Are you taking a different tact on that than other MMO's?

Salvatore: Yes. At the beginning of the MMO, certainly, you're going to see these characters. They're going to be impressive in their animations and their equipment and you know they'd kick your butt, but you're going to be one of them as our game goes along. I really can't get into too much detail about the way we're trying to let you tell your story in our world, but suffice it to say that paramount among it is the ability of players to influence their environment.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016