Allods Online has had some exciting new events of late. With the launch of the game's first expansion, Revelations of Gipat and the Quest for the Chests Giveaway, Allods Online players not only received a dose of new content, but they also got the chance to win some great prizes. Ten Ton Hammer recently caught up to Allods Online Associate Producer Darren Allarde to ask about the new content and how things are going for the free-to-play MMORPG.

Ten Ton Hammer: It certainly has been an exciting time for gPotato and the Allods team so far this year, how are things going from your point of view?

Darren Allarde: This year has been very exciting indeed! It seems like the action never stops – right now we are in the midst of an amazing event: the Quest for Chests ( This $50,000 giveaway gives players a chance to instantly win Holy Charms, mounts, and other goodies. It also enters participants into a drawing to win real prizes like an Alienware computer, Astro headsets, or a 52” flat screen TV!

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Allods received mixed reactions for its Revelation of Gipat expansion.

Needless to say, the community is pretty psyched about this event, and we’ve seen a lot of new players getting in on the action.

Ten Ton Hammer: What has the overall reception of Allods been?

Darren Allarde: I think it might be necessary to answer this question in two parts -

First - the initial reception of Allods was amazing. From the media to the players, it was clear that Allods was a really special game. From the alluring graphics and cinematic soundtrack to the fun and balanced PvP, the engaging quests and lore, and the challenging PvE content, Allods has it all. Then you throw in the Astral, which adds an entirely new dimension to a fantasy MMORPG, and you come up with something that is entirely unique. Thus the initial reception was stellar.

Now, for the second part, the reception to our first expansion, Patch 1.1.0: Revelations of Gipat, was mixed. While we feel that the patch is a step in the right direction, it did not receive the warmest reception from all players. We do believe that removing Fear of Death was the right choice; however, there are a lot of rumors running about that make the Cursed Item death penalty seem much worse than it actually is.

In any event, we are fully dedicated to making sure that we can create the most enjoyable Allods experience possible for our players, and the most important thing for us to do is to continue to actively engage with the community and get their feedback on all these changes.

Ten Ton Hammer: With all the recent changes made to the game, are you starting to see some players return who may have drifted away?

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Allods Online received a boost in the level cap with the last expansion.

Darren Allarde: Yes, of course! Some of our most veteran players have returned to check out the new zone, Gipat, and explore all the new quests it has to offer. Our community continues to grow every day with the addition of both new players and some that are returning to the game.

Ten Ton Hammer: Has the recent increase in the level cap been a boon to the game?

Darren Allarde: Absolutely, the new level cap has opened up a plethora of new content. There is an entirely new zone called Gipat for players to explore and quest in. In addition to the existing endgame content, level 42 players also have access to entirely new and challenging raid content. The new level cap has given our veteran members new content to explore, and new players even more to look forward to.

Ten Ton Hammer: Are they still partying in the streets over the removal of Fear of Death?

Darren Allarde: Players are very happy that Fear of Death is no longer in the game. It has made the death penalty much less obtrusive. Instead of a system that always reduces a large amount of a player’s stats, it has been replaced with a system that only has a small chance to make one of a character’s items weaker.

Some of the players prefer the old death penalty system over the new one that has been implemented, but overall players do not miss Fear of Death.

Ten Ton Hammer: This patch was certainly ambitious. One item of particular interest was the inclusion of player created add-ons. Has this feature taken off, and if so what sort of innovation is being seen?

Darren Allarde: Players have created quite a few add-ons since the patch. Some of the most popular add-ons that are currently available include one that enhances the guild system and one that creates a threat meter. It is very exciting to allow players the ability to customize their gaming experience to their own personal preferences.

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style="font-style: italic;">Endgame content has been one of the favorites of players from the recent expansion.

Ten Ton Hammer: What has been the most popular aspect of Patch 1.1.0 so far?

Darren Allarde: The most popular aspect of the patch has definitely been the expansion of endgame content. The patch implemented a new dungeon, a new heroic version of a classic dungeon, three new raid bosses, an entirely new zone filled with tons of quests, and a lot of new, powerful items for high level players.

Ten Ton Hammer: Have the recent class changes and balances impacted PvP?

Darren Allarde: As with most changes to class mechanics, it is always a careful balancing act. The main focus of these changes was to balance both PvE and PvP, with an emphasis on making both of these aspects more enjoyable for our players. On this front the changes have been very successful.

Ten Ton Hammer: What’s next for Allods?

Darren Allarde: We’re currently working on both a new patch and the next big version.

The upcoming patch focuses on fixes that are in high demand from our players such as tweaking the balance of the experience in the Astral and increasing the size of inventory bags.

The next big version, coming this fall, will introduce a new zone called the Dream Factory, tons of improvements to game mechanics, a revamped Arena of Death for a better PvP experience, and class changes focused on the psionicist and scout archetypes. More information on this exciting expansion will be released in the coming weeks.

Ten Ton Hammer: Anything else of note that you would like to add?

Darren Allarde: If you’re not playing Allods, now’s the perfect time to check it out! Not only can new players look forward to the new mounts and expanded in-game content from our recent expansion, but they can also experience some of the most unique races (the Gibberlings!) and landscape of any MMO. It is never too late to join, and with two factions, six races, eight archetypes, and twenty-eigh classes, the amount of customization is almost endless.

And don’t forget about the Quest for Chests, where new players have just as good of a chance as veterans to win epic loot and amazing prizes!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016