It's the lore and history of a game that creates the framework that will transform you from a person sitting at your computer to a character immersed in an alternate reality and that's something NetDevil understands. Jumpgate Evolution's Producer, Hermann Peterscheck took some time recently to answer some questions about the lore of their universe from one of our space combat junkies, Eric "Dalmarus" Campbell.

Ten Ton Hammer: With the majority of the Solrain people being part of the corruption that appears to be rotting it, will players be able to rise up the ranks of the various mega corporations? Will they be able to join up with the Commonwealth Restoration Organization to fight the system? What different advancement methods can players use to gain reputation with the various factions?

Peterscheck: There are two distinct types of associations. On the one hand we have the large corporations which the player affiliates with in order to gain access to their production facilities located throughout space. As you work with them, you gain trust (affiliation) which then grants you access to build more valuable and powerful equipment. The other type is faction rating. This is your relative standing to the various groups including the CRO (although there are many more). As you do things for them, your rating goes up which gives you access to things such as CRO specific equipment and ships.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016