The sudden disbanding of one of EVE Online's largest and most storied alliances, Band of Brothers, sent shockwaves through the online gaming community earlier this month. Ten Ton Hammer's Cody Bye caught up with The Mittani, the GoonSwarm leader that in many ways orchestrated BoB's downfall through subterfuge rather than military might.

In trademark GoonSwarm style, The Mittani summarizes how GS collapsed BoB from within in what amounts to a "cultural victory", seeking to prove with chatlogs, emails, and plenty of links that everything was on the up and up. He then provides an update on how things are going in the now hotly-contested Delve region, and finishes the interview on a singularly hilarious note.

From the interview:

Ten Ton Hammer: Does this event affect the way you look at EVE Online? Are you hesitant to risk so much effort in an online game from this point forward?

The Mittani: Hesitant? This is the single biggest espionage coup in MMO history, and we pulled it off. Mostly I'm being smug - or I would be smug, but for the fact that we're invading Delve and wrecking the remains of BoB on a daily basis, and that has required a lot of focus from the whole of the Swarm and our allies. Yesterday, we killed a titan, at least one confirmed baby titan in a CSAA, a mothership, 10 or so carriers, and a bunch of towers.

It was possibly the largest single amount of damage done to an alliance in one day in the history of eve - between 200b and 500b isk of damage, depending on how you quantify the contents of the 3 CSAAs we destroyed. In the aftermath of the disbanding, our collective level of effort put forth has increased to levels previous unimaginable. We've abruptly abandoned something like 7 regions of territory, evacuated our assets, simultaneously invaded Delve and commenced to live there... it's chaos. I love it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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