There are many players that have become tired of the same exhausted MMORPG formula used in countless games. Some argue that the pace is too slow or that the mechanics of one game are all based off of the older formula used by many others. RIFT has come under criticism for being too similar in gameplay to World of Warcraft, who also utilized much of the formula that made EverQuest so popular. In any case, the same formula has been used in countless games, but TERA hopes to change all that.

Speaking with Gamasutra at this year's E3 event, TERA Executive Producer Brian Knox discussed many of the elements that make TERA stand out from a market saturated in MMORPGs. TERA's fast-paced action combat is touted as one of the game's biggest features, but other elements such as the political system, which we had the chance to preview at E3 2011, will allow players who climb the ranks of the political ladder through popular elections and combat to exercise a lot of control over their territory ranging from changes in the tax rate to imprisoning enemy players.

I think it'll be really interesting, especially on the popular vote side, to see what players do to get their name out there. What are the cool tricks, or gimmicks, or whatever it is that they decide will get them voted in?

As for the NA release, no solid date has been announced as of yet, but the team is aiming for tentative launch date later this year. You can check out the full interview with Brian Knox at Gamasutra.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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